ENIGMATRIX – “Dreamer”

Sonic Joy Records is releasing a brand new track titled “Dreamer,“ the 4th single of ENIGMATRIX an epic Dubstep and EDM project masterminded by the mogul John Meisel who wrote and produced the song.

ENIGMATRIX - Dreamer - 1500px.jpg

Always dropping very unique songs, at this time the project concept wants to challenge the imagination of the listeners by translating into music the frequencies and colors of the outer space clashing with earthly duality adds John.
You can listen to the very powerful drums combined with amazing vocalists mixing Dubstep with an epic orchestra, which is one of those unique moods brought by Sonic Joy.

The intense bassline sounds like a soundtrack of a fascinating journey, reminding the listeners that even in the biggest and most crowded cities, you can always take a break and let it go.

For now, you keep your eye on Sonic Joy and their upcoming projects, follow on socials and stay tuned for more.


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