Down In Splendour – “Alice Underground”

Imagine a collective of musicians from different parts of the world, this is how we can define the London based project Down In Splendour. Founded by Michael Patrick a musician and producer from New Zealand, now based in London. The project has quickly gained a reputation for its compelling music and riveting live shows. Just like the bands members and keeping to the theme their debut album was recorded in 6 different countries and finally mixed/mastered in the Los Angeles area.


The sophomore release from the international psychedelic conspirators was released worldwide on November 29 of 2019 and comes with an invitation to go down in the Wonderland following the introduction of their debut single Green.


Dropping the newest single titled Alice Underground, the song is a combination of an alternative rock sound with psychedelia and an electric world. It brings an atmospheric arrangement combined with evocative lyrics and quirky instrumentation.

For now, you can listen to the track here, follow the guys on the socials and stay tuned and up to date for their next move.


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