Fake & The Soul Aesthetic – “Bamboola”

Based in Los Angeles, CA the collective Fake & The Soul Aesthetic is coming up with a brand new release titled “Bamboola,” besides a very particular and distinct concept, the group displays all their creativity combined with an electrifying live act, which you can get a taste on the newest music video here.


Inspired by the 70′s funk, 80‘s dance, and 50’s rock n’ roll the uniqueness of their sound is upliftingly, seeking the old influences to come up with the fresh in the modern era.


Tired of SoundCloud rappers getting rich off of beats and generic hooks, Fake the Artist completes: “Music is a cycle, and I learned not to chase that cycle, but to make the music that gets it to rotate. Fake & The Soul Aesthetic is a group that is so diverse in its musical chemistry, that the product is always going to be something no one’s ever heard before. Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles. To become a legend, you have to think like the legends, and we are lucky we get to study the blueprints they left behind for us.”


With the level on the mind, Fake explains how the industry is always looking for the next trend like when the Trap music style became a thing. Fake & The Soul Aesthetic is here to change that with complex musicality mixed with modern production. The raw dynamic and authenticity of wanting to transcend the internet age, creating a new legacy, doing a lot of buzz in Hollywood, with The Soul Aesthetic, Fake looks to redefine the value of integrity and the importance of the group dynamic in a sea of solo acts.

Here you can watch their music video for “Bamboola,” follow the project on the socials and stay tuned for their future updates.


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