Todd Barrow back on Country’s Just Cooler

Coming back from a heavy hitter sound to a brand new country hit, Todd Barrow is expanding in the country music scene, his mission to refresh the classic country music with a modern twist signature is outstanding.
Releasing his brand new song titled “Country’s Just Cooler” recorded in Ft, Worth Sound, the track comes with a pinch of rock fusion combined with his country-folk, which is pretty rad to start well 2020.


Just to recap, the Texas-based musician is building a solid music career after being mentored by the rockabilly legend Sonny Burgess, who changed Todd‘s perception-altering the course of his life forever.
Winning awards and recognition, Todd is collecting achievements, as mentioned previously, he is making music to please his audience putting a smile on their face means the world to him.


Writing songs that come from his heart and soul dropping a new track about blue-collar boot-stomping smoky pool hall cold beer in a bottle women are dancing sweet romancing moves all over the floor you can measure it with a ruler Country’s Just Cooler he adds.
For now, you can listen to his music here, follow Todd Barrow on socials, and stay tuned for the next updates.


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