LemKuuja – “Remember 97”

Hailing from Amman, Jordan, LemKuuja is a young musician, and producer recently released his debut single titled “Remember 97” by the independent record label Paris Circle Records.

Paris Circle Black

As a multimedia creator, Kareem has been working with 2D and specializing in his craft in the video game art concept, taking the music industry not that much seriously.
He began producing Vaporwave as a hobby, but later became strongly influenced by French musicians SebastiAn and Justice.


Music is a unique way of self-expression for me, I’ve come to truly understand that from listening to a lot of incredible fusion and progressive rock artists like CHON, Casiopea, and the list doesn’t end.
I enjoy being able to express feelings with sound, whether it be in theory of harmony or sound design.
Something about it is just more expressive than words can ever express.” completes LemKuuja.


Quickly LemKuuja built a fan base transitioning to other electronic funky fused genres like future funk, french house, and french electro, consequently taking the music industry more seriously.
Now signed to Paris Circle Records his debut single “Remember 97” combines electro with Rnb in a unique way with stunning melodies delivering to the listeners a pretty much lounge sensation.

Here you can chill with LemKuuja’s previous work.

Don’t forget to follow him on socials and stay tuned for more.


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