ALMI debuts “LD”

Hailing from East End of Toronto, Ontario, Almiraz Abedin well known as ALMI is an upcoming rapper and songwriter, he started the musical journey since 2016 during his college years writing poetry and freestyling.


Inspired by hip hop and rap, ALMI used to listen to legends such as 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. looking up to rap innovators that motivated him like JAY Z, Eminem, and Drake.
He is seeking for a fresh identity when it comes to hip hop as a culture and its sub-genre.


His songs are banger, and the clever lyrism is a whole other level adapting a unique flow, ALMI brings forth a style that both reminiscent of the past while remaining fresh and new in this generation of hip-hop/rap.

Releasing his debut track “LD (Learning Disability),” ALMI already dropped some hot demos previously, this song, in particular, was recorded at MajurMuzik Studio produced by Skyhighjams and mixed and mastered by Elcee & Thomos.

“I have been writing my music lyrically for 3-4 years. I write about my experience, current issues, and everything around me that comes to my mind whatever it connects to the music I create because creativity is endless to the approach of the idea that I am willing to target the audience” completes ALMI.

Here you can listen to one of his dope tracks, follow ALMI on socials and stay tuned for more updates.


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