AMEL D – “I am your rain”

Hailing from Asia, AMEL D is an alternative rock singer releasing her new single “I am your rain,” the first song from her upcoming album titled “Cross To Hell” expected to be out pretty soon.


Amel D began her career in the music industry in 2017, inspired by heavy sound bands like Linking Park, mentioning the singer and composer Chester Bennington relating with his story to be similar to her life path.
Her first album “Revived” was released in 2018, its combines nu-metal, punk rock, and power rock, she confirmed this record as experimentation seeking for her own music genre identity.


The twenty-six-year-old singer is also well known for being an entrepreneur and businesswoman, now focused continuously as an alternative rock singer, last year she released the single “I am your rain” her recent track brings the signature tonality and natural creative flavor, this song perfectly fits the requirements of indie rock in every aspect and stands out as a unique piece of art.


Even in an early moment of her music career, Amel is working hard giving strong competition to her contemporaries.
This song beautifully catches up the emotional mood of the lovers who stays in a long-distance relationship, talking about sentimental struggles and how they’re experiencing it.

Here you can listen to the song, follow Amel on socials and stay tuned for more.

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