Sikk Ivy debuts “Ice Baby Ice” at an interview

Releasing the debut single ‘Ice Baby Ice’ under her brand new stage name, Sikk Ivy is teaming up with the producer Bacall to bring back the sound reminiscent of 90s rave, merging with a modern dark twist.

Ice Baby Ice - Cover Art (no text)

Sikk Ivy, previously well known as frankK, is an artist and songwriter who has already released several songs using her old name. She grew up in a small Swedish village, where the most exciting thing to do was joining the church choir or dig for Viking artifacts. With the desire to explore life Sikk figured out that music was her true purpose. With the new agenda, Sikk set to work and started to develop her craft. She quickly joined a band, consecutively toured around Sweden, and then moved to Stockholm to study music. After studying for a long time, she was discouraged by the traditional academic system’s formula dealing with an inflexible format of musical production. Her inspiration sparked back once again when meeting the multi-platinum producer Bacall. Subsequently, the new character ‘Sikk Ivy was created, influenced by her feelings, her past, and love for the 90s. Sikk and Bacall have been working together to create the perfect blend of modern pop and classic rave.

Ice Baby Ice - Extra Picture 02

Here you can listen to her debut single and find out more about this era in the Sikk Ivy‘s career below.

Please explain what your name means?
Sikk Ivy doesn’t really mean anything. It is a way where I can be 100% myself and express everything through music, lyrics, art, and visuals… and it sounds cool 😉

How did you start in the music industry?
I have always been into music. I joined the choir in the church where I grew up, musicals in school and performances. Since I was a kid I saw music like something magical and it hasn’t changed.

What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music dream?
The fear of having an ordinary life and not being able to do what I love the most and a lot of noes.

How working with the multi-platinum producer Peter Bacall helped you develop your debut single?
Peter is one of the most talented people I know. We’ve been working together since the beginning of everything and he has a way of hearing melodies and see how music and art stand side by side. He pushed me to believe in myself.

Describe your feelings when you’re recording music in the studio?
The studio gives me the opportunity to release all of the pent up anxiety. You know, I’m grateful for every hour in the studio, I love doing music, play with things.

What is the message behind your music?
Just feel whatever you feel and be whoever you want.

What do you fear the most in the music business?
I don’t like to put labels on stuff, which I think is the biggest problem in the music industry right now. For example, people always ask me what Spotify playlist my music should fit in, or what genre I want to create. I just want to create and it becomes what it becomes. Otherwise, it’s just boring.

That is it, for now, stay tuned for more.

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