MS. M|CHL – “Pretend”

From Oklahoma to LA, MS. M|CHL is a singer, and songwriter releasing her debut single, titled “Pretend.


Growing up as a black girl in a rural area, she started her music career performing in the church with her Grandfather. The process of writing songs started at a young age of just 12 years old when MS. M|CHL identified the profound healing power music offered as her therapy and escape.


Being previously inspired by the greats such as Prince and Whitney Houston, MS. M|CHL worked hard with her continuous writing but just after she graduated from high school her music begun to be heavily impacted by her love for rock music with inspirations ranging from Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Nine Inch Nails. Consecutively, she moved to Los Angeles and started to collaborate with some local artists, from Hip-Hop to Latin Pop, working tirelessly to have her music heard. In 2016, she met the singer-songwriter, David Moriarty, from Earth At Night, after an instant connection musically speaking, they began to write songs together in February of 2017.


Resulting in the release of Ms. M|CHL’s first EP, titled “Unrequited,” successively the duo began performing the songs acoustically all over L.A. and Southern California. in 2018, she started to write her LP. While performing with her band in Hollywood when she met Producer Jack Siege who is currently helping her to produce the singer’s upcoming album, “Anaxiphilia.”

The combination of this partnership emerges melancholy with unconventional vocals, influenced by Soul, R&B, Grunge, Pop, Rock, Indie, and Electronica originating her single “Pretend” that you can listen to here. To figure it out more about MS. M|CHL upcoming album, follow her on the socials and stay tuned and up to date.

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