O’Reilly & Vincent debuts “Men & Books”

Releasing their debut single, the duo formed by Finn O’Reilly a Dublin based musician and Rod Vincent an award-winning poet from Shropshire are coming together establishing the project and baptizing the name as O’Reilly & Vincent. In such a short time they’ve already got an impressive buzz going with the tastemakers including the mighty BBC introducing.


Idealized in Ludlow the acoustic duo has dropped their debut single in January, now working on the forthcoming album titled Clearance Sale, they are running an entirely innovative proposal. Combining philosophy and poetry the track is carrying an existential approach fusing with an acoustic folk sound that is resulting in the song “Men & Books”.


Rod grew up in London; influenced by Samuel Beckett in his twenties, he has engaged in the Irish cultural scene and already participated at the Dublin International Literary Festival last year as one of the Poetry Ireland Introductions Poets having his literary work recognized in the UK. Finn started his music development very young learning cello at the age of five while consecutively learning piano and guitar. He won a musical scholarship before starting to write his own songs from the age of just thirteen.


Think about the tracks vocal delivery with notes of Nick Mulvey, touches of Ralph McTell and Don McClean, this is probably the best definition to “Men & Books” that you can listen to below.

Don’t forget to check out O’Reilly & Vincent’s website and socials. Follow their exploits and connect with them.

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