Lucy Aggett talks about Sixteen at an interview

Releasing her latest single, titled “Sixteen“, Lucy Aggett is a 22-year-old alt-folk singer/songwriter based in North London and Devon. Writing songs about contemporary difficulties and pleasures, she is transforming folk storytelling into a modern life context.


Her music has gained recognition from the notorious BBC Radio, being played frequently on Radio Devon, and appearing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Lucy has been making waves on the live front with performing in key venues all around England, including The Phoenix, The Cavern and Ben Howard’s favourite venue, The Barrel House. Following up on her debut single release, titled “Company“, Lucy was nominated for Best Solo Female (South West), by the best blog in Devon, Listen With Monger.


Fighting for equality in the music industry, Lucy is on the right path, even in an early moment of her career, combing a beautiful voice with great melodies. We had the opportunity to talk to Lucy about “Sixteen” which you can wrap your eyes and ears around below.


When did you start your music career?

I started my career at the age of about 17 – I began in a 4-part female folk band based in Devon. We wrote collaboratively and frequented the major venues surrounding Devon, gaining recognition from BBC introducing. From there, I started to develop my own solo material.

Who influences you?

Many artists from many different genres influence me. But my main influences are alt/folk artists like Bon Iver, James Blake, and Billie Marten.

What is your goal in the music industry?

My goal is mainly writing. Songwriting is my main passion, so to be able to do that for other artists as well as myself is a big dream.


What inspired you to create music?

My dad introduced me to many 90s/y2k based bands when I was young, such as Oasis and Coldplay, so I’d say developing a passion for music stemmed from my dad initially. My mum always tells me I’ve been harmonising songs on the radio from a very young age, and I’ve always been very passionate about story writing/poetry. When I first picked up a guitar and learned piano, lyrics and a vocal melody naturally developed from that, and I started to write my own material.

What is the most memorable moment when you were 16?

I think the naivety of being 16 is always memorable. The natural irresponsibility of being 16 and just hanging out with my friends between studying for final exams is a very precious memory of mine.

What is the message behind your music?

I think the message behind my music is personal to anyone listening to my music. For me, it stems from very personal stories, and I think every person portrays my music differently.

What do you fear the most in the music business?

Even in the early stages of my career, I really feel the male-female divide in the music industry. Even though female solo artists are thriving in the music industry currently, I still feel like there’s a lot more to be done – especially concerning festival lineups and gender equality. That’s very scary for me and so many other women. It desperately needs to be improved, and can easily be done.

What is next for Lucy?

In these uncertain times, I can’t promise anything – but I hopefully have a single and an EP coming up in the very near future.

That is it for now, and stay tuned for more.


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