Born Soul – “BadLandz” Ep

As known by his stage name ‘Born Soul is a songwriter and producer from Austin, Texas, dropping a brand new album titled BadLandz in what seems to be very convenient in these uncertain times, including slaps like the song called Italy.


Kelly Hancock or Born Soul started his career in the music industry head-first as a recording artist expanding his skills to songwriter, producer, and sound engineer.
Consecutively spotting as a Dj in his college days, jumping headlong into the hip hop scene, inspired by the MC’s from the 90s, Kelly recorded his first demo trying to create a non-sound cliche while he was running away from the mainstream.

Taking the music seriously, Kelly had the opportunity to share the stage with Oakland, California’s own Mystik Journeymen, and legendary Houston artists such as Lil Flip and DJ DMD. Now purposefully launching a record to change the industry trends, “Bad Landz” is where Born Soul has added the new sauce to the rap music with catchy baselines, and trap beats in hope to reshape the culture of hip-hop with its unique spin!

Here you can listen to his great album below and let us remind you to follow up with him on the socials for more updates.


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