Luigi Carneiro – “We Work Well Together”

Luigi Carneiro is a Brazilian musician who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now promoting one of his memorable songs the single entitled ‘We Work Well Together‘, the cut was released last year in January as part of his brand new album. Luigi baptized the album with the title ‘Staring At Paradise in Times of Chaos‘.


His passion started with music very early, changing his dream from becoming an airline pilot or bus driver, maybe an F1 driver to become a pop star. At the age of 4 sneaking into the parents’ room trying to find his dad’s Sony tape recorder, Luigi registered his voice for the first time with a song his grandmother Noemi used to sing to him at bedtime.


With considerable influences coming from a family of Opera singers and music lovers, he started to develop his music background listening to classics such as Mozart, Verdi, Copland, Bacharach, Jobim, Buarque, Gershwin, Holst, Bach, Lloyd-Webber and many others.


1973 became a big year to Carneiro when Lennon and McCartney changed his life for good, consecutively meeting his longtime friend Marcelo Lima at high-school, they have been playing together since. Building an extensive music career, Luigi invited his long time friend to produce his new album Staring at Paradise in Times of Chaos.

The song We Work Well Together is a hit and has been streamed worldwide over 400,000 times, the song is uplifting, it reminds me a little of Jamiroquai’s vibes. Here you can watch the music video and listen to the whole album on the streaming services. Don’t forget to follow up with Luigi on socials!

See you next time!

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