BekiMachine on Saga Ep

Bekimachine is a singer, songwriter, and music producer from Kent, London, releasing her debut EP called “Saga“. Beckie was known by her old stage name Beki after originally writing & performing as a streamer on Twitch, the musician decided to re-brand switching her name, remixing and remastering the record she released previously.


Heavily influenced by the cyberpunk culture and video game, Beckie also plays the flute for ska/punk band called ‘Just Say Nay‘, her music displays elements from various electronic styles, including future pop and synth-wave, seeking to bring these elements together creating a unique sound whilst evoking a captivating aesthetic and taking inspiration from the likes of Purity Ring, Grimes, and Hana.

About the record – Saga was written with the underlying story of the human-made cyborg, stranded in a vast new world with no hopes of escape, complements Beckie.


The EP follows Beckie‘s journey finding herself into a world of control, war and thirst for cybernetic power, trying to scape as a remodelled cyborg, discovering new abilities by what she calls her IronHeart. The last song of the record brings a premonitory if we continue to live our life as observers while the controllers try to sabotage us.

Subsequently, Saga is a true inspiration to mankind, I hope you like it and remember to follow up with Beckie on Twitch.

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