Ida Just debuts “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend”

Hailing from Denmark, Ida Just is a singer-songwriter who left her native city, Copenhagen, to break out in the eclectic music scene of London. Ida dropped her debut single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend‘ and it didn’t take long for numerous official Spotify playlists to take note leading to more than 20,000 streams within the first two weeks bringing this amazing independent artist into the spotlight.

Press photo 2 - Ida _ London _ November _ 2019 _ Context Films _ 2 -03943

Coming from a family of dancers, Ida had been inspired by body expression and dance performance. Singing since she was a child allowed her to hone her crystalline vocals, but only in her early teens, Ida channelled her emotions through poetry, discovering the euphoria of singing her own words.

Ida - Artwork - IDWBYF - 30.12.19 - 2-04381

Living in London helped the artist within to materialize her vision, the multi-cultural city melting pot exposed Ida to a community of collaborators supporting to define the singer identity and sound motivated by finely-spun, nocturnal pop dreamscapes.


Speaking about the track “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friendis a song about being stuck in limbo. It was the first time I was honest with myself and how I was truly feeling. It was the beginning of accepting the situation and made me realise that I had to be completely transparent with my emotions if I were to ever feel better again. With time, I truly believe that honesty will set you free.”


The debut single includes an artistic music video, directed by Dolcerocca and shot in the outskirts of Copenhagen capturing a dichotomy of perfection and destruction; fragility and aggression. The song belongs to the upcoming EP, “If I’m Being Honest”, expected to be out later this year.

For now, you can enjoy her great release below, follow Ida on socials and stay tuned in for more.


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