innerkid – “Meteor”

Releasing his latest single titled Meteor, the emerging Austin, Texas, alternative pop artist Dawson Carroll performing under the stage name innerkid, is looking for self-realization in a world of conformity.


Carroll started to explore a new approach to songwriting and music production since dropping out of college and moving into a laundry room in South Austin, he mentioned it was during this time that his method of careful and particular sound design mixed with nuanced songwriting was born.


Spending several hours in his home studio especially now, Carroll‘s creative flow is in full swing, writing and recording new songs consecutively with the help of his LA friend and audio engineer David Kim who already has to quote worked with big names in the music industry which includes the likes of Selena Gomez and Beyonce.


The result is a crisp alt-pop, combined with dark electronic undertones, it’s finely tuned to feel intentional and yet imperfect. About the track Carroll speaks: “That sensation of everything happening right then at that moment – when it all makes perfect sense; Nothing else matters, everything feels different, and you get to escape your reality. That’s what the song is about and that’s why I wrote it.”

With a firm goal to release his debut EP later this year, 2020 is the beginning of innerkid‘s journey. For now, you can listen to Meteor right here, follow the guy on socials and stay tuned in for his upcoming songs.

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