Brandon Andre – “Too Late”

Brandon Andre is an artist and songwriter from Los Angeles, Ca, who recently released a brand new studio EP, called “1992.”
The project also features the single, baptized “Too Late,” which is also available as a music video on Youtube.

AfterlightImage 25 copy

What makes the video special is the fact that the video features a Black and a Latino actor and they are representing different communities and cultural stand-points.
Since the song and the video focus a lot on mental health, it is in reality very interesting and insightful to see how the topic plays out in the scopes of these two different cultures since the topic is often overlooked and considered taboo.


Many people across all cultures still consider mental health something that is not a “real” issue and they struggle to give it the importance that it truly deserves as something that is affecting millions of lives around the globe.


However, Brandon did a great job of exploring this issue tastefully, using his artistry to connect with his audience and spark a positive discussion.
Here you can watch the dope music video written and directed by Brandon, also don’t forget to follow him on socials, stay tuned and up to date.

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