Jae Luna – “All Kinds Of Things”

Jae Luna is an indie artist native to Orange County, California but now living in Los Angeles. Creating music with a set of diversified influences, exploring multiples genres and leading to an original authentic identity he’s releasing the brand new single “All Kinds Of Things“. This is the first release off his upcoming EP entitled “Phases” which is to be expected out pretty soon.’


Luna began to explore the electronic side of music at college via the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he’s recently graduated and made the move to LA to expand his fanbase. Classically trained in both piano and voice, Jae merges a Lo-Fi/Hip-Hop/Electronic sound combined with classical harmonies and dissonances to create the embodiment of alternative music, which is totally fresh.


Transcending the genres Jae is truly a unique artist, his single ‘All Kinds of Things’, combines acoustic instrumentals with electronic production, resulting in organic songwriting, the classical arrangement and dynamics of the romantic period drive his storytelling narrative, which is really dope.

Here you can listen to ‘All Kinds of Things’, find out more on his socials and stay tuned for the upcoming EP.



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