Oh Well – “Insomnia”

Oh Well is a progressive EDM project from Chicago, Illinois, released last year their sophomore EP called “Insomnia,” the record is a statement for those struggling to sleep at night displaying the frustration and anxiety in the music video for the track which christens the album.


The project is masterminded by Ryan Oswald,  who officially released the debut EP titled “Forging a False Reality” in 2019 as a result of the productive year, the record is pretty much drum and bass combined with other music genres, what is something different, original and unique.


Following the grinding, Oh Well dropped  2 more tracks in 2020, including a hip hop featuring, a single called “Billionaire Kylie Jenner,” the song is truly a slap, and it shows the different layers of this futurist and surrealist artist.

That is it, for now, guys, here you can enjoy the experimental Indie Pop project, follow Oh Well on socials, and be sure to also check out his debut EP too.


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