Confetti – ‘Lie A Little’

Hailing from middle America to Los Angeles, California, Confetti is an alternative rock/pop duo, bringing their hip-hop side to life once again with the release of the single called ‘Lie A Little’.


Dropping dope tracks since 2018, the duo decided after six years of solely working with humans to start a new journey, when the guys looking for affinities, taste, and aspirations started the musical project.
The duo’s mission is to make fun out of the darkness in the world what is truly awesome, their music heavily relies on topics of politics, pop culture, and societal inconsistencies.


Inspired by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, John Lennon, 2 Chainz, and William Shakespeare, making a solid production that is reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s hip- hop/pop, they are combining a modern sound explicitly designed to make you dance.


‘Lie A Little’ marks the well-awaited return of the elephants in 2020, the track has a strong message about how the white lie has gradually evolved into compulsive lying, which is a significant problem facing society, in particular, the youth nowadays.
With the hope to bring us one step closer to being able to trust each other again, Confetti is extremely insistent that their music is for every sex, race, and species.

Check their slap here, follow the guys on socials and stay tuned for more.

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