Subshine – ‘Over The Moon’

Ole Gunnar Gundersen, better known by his stage name Subshine is an electronic/pop musician from Bergen, Norway. He’s dropped his newest single released last month called ‘Over the Moon’. The cut brings the best of indie-rock while celebrating British 80’s rock and takes Influence by the English post-punk band The Chamelions, from Manchester.


Ole has been busy over the years – the former singer and songwriter in Lorraine has a shining CV with highlights such as a major record deal with Sony BMG UK, who had a global cult following in the early ’00s, top ten singles, and heavy international touring with artists such as Mew and Pet Shop Boys.


Subshine is considered one of the most talented songwriters in Scandinavia at the moment and is entering a new era after the release of his debut album, titled ‘Easy Window’ which came out last summer with a glorified list of acclaimed press. Now continuing his journey, the song ‘Over the Moon’ is a pounding guitar-driven pop track, with lyrics that convey the state of ecstasy and despair merging with a new age sound, which is pretty stunning.

Here you can enjoy his talent, don’t forget to follow on the socials and stay tuned in for more.

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