Grammy Winner Producer Soko7 on his solo career.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Africa to North Hollywood, Soko7 is an established Grammy Winner producer with the finest CV from working with Lil Wayne, Drake, and Jay Z just to name a few. His own music is now taking center stage with using his own unique perspective and has decided to come back into the scene as a singer and producer.


Soko moved to Los Angeles and started his musical journey at an early age. While at high school, and being inspired by his African heritage Soko developed a new blend of music tied in with an American approach.


“The difference with me is I have both perspectives; I grew up in Africa and lived the African experience and saw everything from that view. I’ve also been here in the states so I feel like I got the best of both worlds in that sense,” he completes.


Soko music career truly changed after his work as a music producer with the Beyoncé’s song “Drunk In Love” won a Grammy but at the moment his focus is all on his latest single “Moola“, a song about Soko’s outlook on life and his legacy, mixing Afrobeat, Dancehall, and Hip-hop he’s bringing us a brand new style that is authentic and a cultural trade in sync.

Here you can tune in to his latest cut and don’t forget to follow him on the socials!


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