Joel Rafidi – 11:11

Based on awakening symptoms, Joel Rafidi, an upcoming hip hop talent hailing from Sydney, Australia, is coming back again in the music industry releasing his sophomore album called, Paradigm Shift, which includes the single 11:11.


Joel as an artist debuted his music career in 2013. With synchronicity on the mind while being inspired by philosophy and books with prime titles such as Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching, that made a positive change in Joel’s life and music, healing his traumas serving as examples for his fans, and those who are still sleeping.


Returning from 7-year hiatus, along the purpose to provoke thoughts, to open minds, and to challenge the toxic societal structures we live within today, the album Paradigm Shift, was released in February to critical acclaim, the hip hop track 11:11 decoded the whole intergalactic align behind the record.


Since the GarageBand era to the release of the record Phases, a lot of things alternated in the talent’s music orbit. Here you can listen to his inspirational single and be sure to follow those socials and stay tuned in for more.

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