Thamatic – ‘Medicine’

Dropping a super-powerful collaboration, Thamatic is an upcoming rock band based in Chicago, blending the cyberpunk style with heavy synths resulting in a stunning alternative sound that you can enjoy on their new single called  ‘Medicine’.

Medicine Album Art Final

The project started in Matt’s living room in 2007, and only began their activity as a band in late 2000, the group that looks like a collective now has a huge team, they are always partnering up with new artists, merging new styles and experimenting sounds like scientists.


Thamatic already released several singles, after the success of their last EP called The Cyberpunk Trilogy, they are once back again the music scene innovating, as usual, inspired by their home town, the group is delivering lyrics about abstract storylines that deal with the conflicting elements of man, including technology and god in different periods and space.

Mike Use This One Green

The song ‘Medicine’ is a featuring between, Thamatic and two hip-hop artists, Jay Mundo a rapper and entrepreneur also founding member of We Live Young Forever and Kevin Hues who sung and created the chorus for the track, one of his songs already achieved 11 million streams worldwide on his youtube channel.

Here you can listen to this slap, be sure to follow the guys on socials and stay tuned and up to date.

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