Shishi – ‘Mafitishei’

Hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, Shishi are penned as a rap/trash/surf/soul band, releasing their debut single from the self-titled album Mafitishei, the pop riot track is reminiscent of the sound of Warpaint, it could be easily identified as low-fi. This is a prime return for the band after as an immense follow up to their 2018 album titled NA x 80, zero-waste trash music, no sounds wasted as they said.


After a solid musical background, The band started playing together in 2017, they naturally joined forces without knowing what goals lay ahead with the new project. Just one year later they released their debut album “Na x 80”. The CV quickly grew with a highlighted bunch of live shows including some festivals and later resulting in the first award nomination. To top things off a record deal with The state51 Conspiracy in 2020 was firmly secured in the bag. What a ride…


The trio is formed by Victoria, Benadetta and Maria Rosa, the girls usually enjoy their rehearsals, putting their shit together, making songs about deep feelings, love, their personal life and not less important the craziness that is going on in the world right now. Overall and like everyone else the band’s been having a hard and emotional time of late, but crying into the pillow is not the Shishi way! They record songs instead…

Finally, we can check the outcome here, let me know what you guys think about their music, be sure to follow the girls on the socials and stay tuned for more.

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