Alan Ward on Dgaf EP

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the upcoming rapper Alan Ward is back in the scene, releasing a brand new EP following up the success of his debut in the music industry last year.


Alan started his music career rapping and writing songs in middle school, influenced by the likes of Lil Wayne, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, and J.Cole. After a natural partnering with some local friends, he debuted a mixtape called Stone Table Summer in 2015. After a hiatus in the high school to experience the college life, Ward got back in the music industry with his debut EP last year called Joon while he consecutively started to build a buzz to his name.


With the new EP now out in the world, Alan is looking to solidify himself as a legit hip-hop force. Initially framing the perfect scenario, Alan faced challenges in the process “I realized nobody cares about nobodies.” no doubt it would take a long story, the record took around 5 to 6 months to complete.

Now you know the journey you can listen to his dope verses and flow, be sure to follow the guy on the socials, and stay tuned for more.


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