Convo with K.LINA

Hailing from Bulgaria, K.LINA is a singer-songwriter now based in London, she just released her debut EP called ’00:00 Sanity, which is a unique combination of acoustic pop with classic rock.


Kalina was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, always expressing herself through arts, she started playing the piano from a young age, when she started to write her songs. In 2017 her musical career began to grow when she decided to upload some music she was covering on Instagram, at the same time, her persona comes out as the actual stage name K.LINA. The debut single dropped in 2019 called ‘Dream Breaker’ which was the first step in Kalina’s musical career, the dreamy piano sound in ‘Just One Pic’ which is the key single from the EP is something that you can honesty notice is her music, followed up with the true lyricism, combining powerful guitar solos and catchy melodies


Performing at notorious venus and getting well acclaimed by the critics, including a national wide TV show in her country, K.LINA is pursuing the music career with her debut EP, and I had the chance to know more about her via the interview that you can delve into below.

Why did you switch from Bulgaria to London?

After I graduated high school, I left for the UK to get my undergraduate degree and also because I had a dream of being a musician in London. I also wanted to move abroad and experience more of the world.

Why your EP is called 00:00 Sanity?

It came to me randomly actually. All the songs on the EP I wrote at home during the night. Midnight is associated with peace and quiet, thus midnight sanity. However, the 00:00 hint at a different meaning of zero sanity, which seems fitting to the themes of the songs such as self-doubt, unsuccessful love, etc. So, it’s kind of a play on words.

What are your songs are about, tell us how is your songwriting process?

I use my songs as a tool to express repressed emotions and thoughts. It’s kind of therapeutic because it’s much easier for me to express what I’m feeling in a song format. I write acoustically on a piano or guitar alone with my thoughts. It often starts with the chord progression and then the melody and lyrics. Once I’m happy with everything, the next stage is the band arrangement. I believe that if a song is good acoustically, then it is ready for more instruments.

When did you start your music career?

I guess I could say it officially started in April 2019 when I released my first single ‘Dream Breaker’. However, it felt like it started a lot earlier when I was around seventeen and decided I wanted to be a music artist. That was the time the real work began before that music was just a hobby.


What is your goal in the music industry?

My goal is to make people feel through my music and to be able to connect with them live. I want to be fortunate enough to be a full-time musician. That will make me happy. I also want to take part in the internationalization of music artists and experience how women in the business receive more power and recognition.

Who Has Most Influenced You?

All the legends because they are so recognized for a reason. Freddie, Bowie, Prince, Gaga. They’re all textbook musicians and performers. I am inspired by their perseverance, work ethic, and passion for their craft. I admire their activist movements and how they took advantage of their fame to raise awareness for important issues. I respect that they never ceased to be true to themselves and what they stand for.

What do you fear the most in the music business?

Honestly, sometimes I fear that my international, more specifically Eastern European, heritage would invoke prejudice in people that may have the power to help me succeed. However, this is me and I’m proud of where I come from and I want my audience to feel welcomed and that they can follow their dreams no matter where they come from.

What is next for Kalina?

My first album. I’m in the process of writing and recording. So, hopefully, it’ll be out next year. Before that, I’ll make sure to release some singles, of course.

Thanks for this and speak soon!

Kind regards.


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