Upcoming pianist Josias about to debut his album!

Hailing from Burkina Faso, Josias is an upcoming songwriter and pianist, now living in Nashville, where he is attending to Vanderbilt University, releasing several singles over this year, Josias is planning to drop a whole album expected to be out in late 2020.

Josias started to play the piano very early when he was only five years old since then he is developing his craft with an additional passion for computer engineering and math.

Running multiple interests, the guy wants to be sure he is loyal to his roots, reason why Josias is on college to take care of his financials without having to be sold out to the music industry as he mentioned.

Digging into classical music, he also merges contemporary influences blending his style coming with something totally fresh and unpretentious.

Far away from the mainstream type, Josias is engaged to create music that he likes without any outside interference in his sound and creative process, dealing with math actually is helping him to put his music in the next level, developing undoubtedly a  precise mathematical structure, conceptually using precise tempos and timing as well as keys and chords, verging on virtuosity like Chopin his idol.

Josias is currently working on his debut album “Winds of the Sahel” set to release in late 2020, be sure to stay tuned for upcoming updates on his website.  


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