Introducing Rochelle Bloom!

Northwest born-and-raised rapper Rochelle Bloom, seeking her spotlight, she moved to Atlanta, where the talent is based now, establishing in the music industry Rochelle already had the opportunity to perform as an opening act for megastars such as Ludacris, Rae Sremmurd, and more.

Releasing her last single called Cherry Coke, mixed by Jeffery Tanner, which is considered by fans as ‘a happy place with dark corners’ or ‘Rhythm, rhyme and a lot of truth bombs’, Bloom’s is truly connecting with her audience through honesty storytelling, bars, and songwriting leading her music career to the next level.

The singer is a newcomer in the field, even with just a few releases out, she already starts to receive recognition by the tastemakers including rapper and media personality Joe Budden, who confirmed her rhymes are fire, recently graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship from a “Princeton Review” ranked university, Rochelle started an internship with N.A.R.S. Records, where she began learning about the business side of being an artist.

Here you can listen to her slap, be sure to follow up on Instagram and stay tuned for more.


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