Jamndaciti On B4 Suh-Mer EnDs

Representing VA, Jamndaciti is emerging as an original hip hop artist, playing music since the elementary, the fearless talent is overcoming all challenges in his musical career, blending his lifestyle between philosophy and fun.

His goal is to create a lot of tracks to his audience, bringing a catalog of variety to listeners, so there’s something to everyone, now he just dropped a new album called B4 Suh-Mer EnDs, which means before summer ends.

The promo single Reflections is what Jam considers as a is a vibrant twist of summer energy blended with a touch of free-flowing fall vibes that’ll take you on a journey that might make you forget leaves are falling from the trees and it’s getting chilly out.

Here you can listen to the whole thing and take your conclusions, be sure to follow up on socials and stay tuned for more.

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