Convo with MACY

Hailing from Wales in the UK, MACY is a dream-pop and contemporary r&b singer-songwriter. She’s back in full force, releasing her sophomore single, ‘Smoking Gun‘, produced by Daniel Evans and recorded at Pontypridd,Wales.

MACY started her music career at the very young age of 11 years old, debuting her first single officially last year.
In such a short time, the singer has already made a significant impact in the music industry, having a successful year in 2019 performing at the hottest festivals in Europe, including the likes of Focus Wales, Swn Festival, and Hub Festival.

After this incredible start, MACY gained financial support from the BBC’s Launchpad Fund program, part of the Horizons scheme, leading to the new record that we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about in the interview with MACY below: 

Who inspired you to pursue a music career?

My first inspiration was Jesse J. I loved the song Price tag. At the age of 10, I can remember charging around the stage, in the School “Stars in their eyes” competition. It was at this point I knew I loved performing and the buzz and excitement it gave me was like nothing experienced before.

What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music dream?

Writing and performing from an early age brought so many challenges. Children my own age didn’t understand or were cruel, as I was doing something they couldn’t do, in terms of writing songs, so made me feel it was wrong. It wasn’t easy and I nearly gave it all up many times. The other challenge was that the School didn’t really support Pop music, only Theatre. I loved Theatre, still do, but my passion for pop music was never really encouraged or recognised in school. There was also the financial pressure of paying to record music for my parents and I know they have sacrificed a lot to help me and I am forever grateful for what they have done.

From your perspective how is the music scene in the UK?

I think the music scene is strong. There is lots going on where I live in the Cardiff area. In terms of UK music yes it is strong with Dua Lipa leading the way in my genre of music. With COV19 though, it has stopped a lot of live events, so it will be interesting to see how everyone adapts.

Which was the best concert that you ever played?

The best concert I played was the final of “Open Mic UK”. The final was at the o2 in London and it was awesome. I also performed at the Millennium Stadium for the Queen which was exciting. Locally I loved a gig I did at Porters in Cardiff. I was supposed to have my first headline show there too, but it was postponed due to COV19.

Please talk about the creative process of your new single Smoking Gun.

Smoking Gun was also written by Tim Goodachre,Rune Braager and Grace Tither . It was originally a fast song but I wanted to change it. So myself and Daniel Evans broke it down into what you hear today. The current version is more haunting and in the style I wanted it. It took a lot of work to finish during lock down, as I hadn’t recorded the vocals when Lockdown hit us. It was a real problem, as I couldn’t go to the studio. My Macbook had also broken at the start of Lockdown and we couldn’t get it repaired to record the vocals at home. So we basically bought a £20 Mic and an APP called IRIG. I basically recorded my vocals onto an iphone. But somehow it worked and Dan did the rest.

How was the feeling to get your music featured on BBC?

This was an amazing feeling to hear my music on the BBC. My previous single Cinema was also played on the BBC and to get Smoking Gun on there too was amazing. I am so grateful for BBC SOUNDS for supporting my music.

What is the message behind your music?

The message behind my music is just to enjoy it. I want people to have a bop but also to maybe have a chill on some tracks too. Life is hectic and a good bop energises the mind and a good haunting slow track can regenerate a tired mind. I know people love music as much as me, so the message is to just enjoy what you like and don’t let anyone persuade you that what you like is wrong. Go with your own mind and enjoy what you love, not what other people tell you to love.

For you what is the importance to work with Grammy-nominated producers like Daniel Evans?

This was and still is an amazing opportunity, given to me by Forte 10. The team at Forte 10 are amazing and I am grateful for the work they did with me and the continued support they show me. Working with people like Dan has opened up a new chapter in my musical development as an artist.

Which message do you have to your fans and people who are following up with you?

The message is keep listening as there is plenty more to come. A new single is coming out on the 9th October called “Obvious”. I am so appreciative of the people who support me and follow my music. I get a lot of messages too, which is fantastic.

What is next for Macy!

There is a lot more to come, a lot more. I have just written 2 tracks with Gethin Pearson and they will be out early next year. I am going to be doing some more live gigs from home, as we approach more local lockdowns. I did a Home Tour during Lockdown and that can be found on my Youtube channel. That was great fun, especially singing in the bath and the attic. My aim is just to keep producing more music, because I enjoy it. If other people can enjoy it too, it then brilliant. I will always be grateful for the support I get.

Thank you MACY x

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