Hailing from Birmingham in the UK, SADGITTARIASS introduces herself to the world with her upcoming debut single ‘Wednesday‘.

Inspired by Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, and even Hanna Montana, the debut single called Wednesday, released by SADGITTARIASS, is mostly described as an upbeat make-up anthem. Heavily influenced by the pop music scene, the record was produced by Pop music producer JB Thomas.

The hyper pop track wants to set the tone for the next generation leaving her mark in the music field as one of the most exciting Pop acts of the year. Blending metallic electronic toy shop beats with doused autotune vocals, teasing her audience and taking them into her conceptual paradise. Talking about the track SADGITTARIASS explains ‘It is a love song, but not so typical as others out there’

We had the chance to have an inspiring chat via this interview that you can check out below.

1- Where did you come from and where are you based now, and why?

So I was born and raised in Birmingham until I was eighteen when I studied in Manchester for two years. I have actually just recently moved back to Birmingham where I am now finishing my degree. With everything going on with the pandemic I just chose to move home to be closer to my family and work on my music. 

2- How did it feel like to be based in Manchester?

Living in Manchester was one of the greatest things I have ever done! I really found out who I wanted to be and learned so much about myself in the time that I lived there. It is such an amazing city to study in and as a student, the nightlife is great. Plus all of my friends live there! 

3- Who inspired you to pursue a music career?

I would say I was really influenced by my dad, he has such a massive love for music and he would always share all of his favourite music with me as I was growing up. He’s my favourite person to go to gigs with!

Musically, I would say I was heavily inspired by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana haha! Growing up watching the show just made me want her life. I always just wanted to do exactly what she was doing, so I took guitar and singing lessons and joined little music groups when I was around eight and started performing! 

4- When did you start your music career, and what are the highlights so far?

Although I have only just released my debut single, I would say that I have been working towards beginning my music career for the past seven years. I have been studying music since I was fourteen, which has definitely prepared me for the journey I am on right now. 

I would say performing is definitely the best part, I can’t wait to get back out there and perform all my new tracks! Releasing ‘Wednesday’ was also amazing, I think because I have been waiting so long to be ready to put out music, it felt like such a huge step and I can’t wait for my next release!

5- How the idea of the single artwork come from?

The artwork for ‘Wednesday’ was made by my very talented friend Ash Taylor whose work I have always been a massive fan of! Our personal style and visuals just mesh together so well, so when I asked them to work with me on this I knew it was going to be stunning! I didn’t really feel comfortable having me on the cover for my first single, so we went with something that reflects the mood of the song, lots of pink and metallic textures and chains which I think highlights the nature of the track!

6- What is the message behind ‘Wednesday?*

I wrote this song about falling back in love with someone I used to see. It’s all about coming back to the same person, which is all I ever seem to do, so I thought why not write about it! The lyrics are quite risky and flirty but at the same time very reminiscent and soppy! 

7- Do you dig astrology?

I love astrology! My bestie and I have exactly the same birthday and our birth charts are near enough identical! I love reading everyone’s birth charts and seeing each sign and how they align with my own. It helps you to understand people a lot better I think! It’s beautiful how everything is just set out in the stars for us right from birth!

8- What is your very first memory ever?

I have a scarily good memory, and I think the earliest memory would be when my little sister was born! I even remember her coming home with my mom and dad!

9- What app on your phone do you wish you used more?

Ooh, I actually have no idea, I try not to use my phone too much! I guess although it’s super addictive I would say Tiktok!! I’ve tried to make them a few times but I get too shy, but once I have more time I am definitely going to make more. It is such a great tool in today’s industry and gives artists such a strong platform to create original content for their audience. 

10- What snack can you just not get enough of?

Cake all day long!!!!

11- What do you wish people would stop asking you?

To stop using autotune, it’s never gonna happen! It creates such a unique sound and I love using it when I’m writing and performing!

12 – What is next for SADGITTARIASS?

I have a lot planned for the rest of 2021, once I have graduated I will be able to get back to writing a lot more and have lots of releases in the works which I can’t wait for everyone to hear. I also have collaborations with some really cool artists lined up which I am super excited for and of course, live shows towards the end of the year!

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