Convo with Maisyn

Hailing from New York, but currently based in Los Angeles, California. Maisyn is an upcoming pop-rocker, who’s recently dropped a new record, ‘Pool Party‘.

Her previous release, ‘Better Being Heartless‘, was produced by Grammy-nominated engineer Joey Messina-Doerning, well known for his work with HAIM.

Blending introspective lyrics with pop candy melodies, Maisyn’s sound is pretty cool. Following her debut single, BBH is about caring less and living more.
When asked about the single, Maisyn notes, ‘Better Being Heartless’ kind of tells the story of an alter ego, a girl who rips her heart out of her chest and doesn’t consider the consequences. 

We had the chance to interview her to know more about this gem. 

1- Where did you come from and where are you based now?
I’m from the Hudson Valley, New York and I’m currently based in Los Angeles, California!

2-Why Los Angeles?

I went to school out here! I studied in the Popular Music Program at USC’s Thornton School of Music which led me to some of the best musicians, friends, and mentors I could dream of. I always imagined myself going back to New York but of course, I stayed.  

3- Who inspired you to pursue your music career?
Definitely my family. They are so supportive and always encourage me to chase what matters. My grandma plays guitar and I always loved that, there’s lots of music in my family. Also, Taylor Swift was extremely influential to me. She was just starting her career when I was just starting to learn guitar and write songs. I think watching her succeed fueled my dream because I really saw myself in what she was doing at the time, all the confessional acoustic ballads about feeling on the outside. 

4 – What is the message behind Better Being Heartless?

To me, “Better Being Heartless” is about learning to let go of the things in life that remain out of your control. It really comes down to surrender. 

5 – What is the feeling of working with a Grammy-nominated engineer in this release?
Joey Messina-Doerning is a joy to work with and one of my favorite people ever! We’ve been working on projects together since college so there’s definitely an ease and trust in our workflow which is really important to me. Plus, he brings really fresh ideas that stretch my preconceived notions of my own music. It’s really exciting.  

6 – How do you describe the music scene that you are in right now?
I would describe it as inspirational. I constantly feel pushed to be a better writer because of the immense talent in the LA music scene. Plus it is full of many wonderful friends, so I’m really grateful for that.

7 – What movie or book character are you most similar to?
My favorite fictional characters, and often the ones I relate to, tend to be empathic, funny, curious, and passionate. 
Honestly, I’m kind of Jess from New Girl, with a little Nick Miller mixed in.

8 – If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?
There is space for you to fully be yourself. It’s something that I need to hear all the time.

9 – How would the world change if superheroes and supervillains actually existed in your opinion?
That’s an interesting question! I think as a society we’re constantly having battles of morality, and perhaps the existence of actual superheroes and supervillains would only heighten that. Realistically, I don’t think anyone is perfectly good or purely evil, there’s too much grey area for that. 

10 – What fact are you really surprised that more people don’t know about you?

 I don’t think it’s a fact so much as a misconception, but I’ve been told by people that I seem mysterious which is so funny to me. I’m a relatively open book, sometimes just a little shy at first

11 – What is next for Maisyn?

There is more music on the way! Potentially an album? Who knows, stay tuned…


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