Top 10 Tracks

Well, it has now been over five years since we started this blog, and now we’ve decided that it’s time to take a new direction, considering the latest worldwide events.

That means that from now on, we will explore more of the creativity in our platform instead of worshiping dictators who think they are the undeniable absolute truth.

If you are aware, you know what we are talking about.

So, here we go with the Top 10 Tracks, a weekly session with the best of submissions sent to us by MusoSoup.

Enjoy it!


Hailing from Iowa, Peyton Marie is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter releasing her new single, ‘Miss Me Too‘, influenced by The 1975, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Madison Beer.

Developing her craft since the age of five when Peyton’s parents signed her up for piano lessons, she started to work on her debut EP when she was 16, taking two years to produce.

The song blends alternative pop with electro in a pretty unique way, debuting on our very first spot of The Top 10 Tracks.


Hailing from Scotland, Natalie Clark is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who’s recently released a single influenced by Michelle Obama and Oprah. It’s called ‘I See You’.

The uplifting song is about hope for anyone and everyone as a reminder that we are not alone.

The anthemic track combines a commercial pop mood with pop-rock and a super catchy hook.

Gaining a lot of buzz with tastemakers, she’s already performed in well-known venues, including Roxy and The Greek Theatre, being picked to be the open act for the Grammy award-winning Indigo Girls.

She also was spotted on The Voice Season 10, receiving compliments from Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton.

Is that good enough?

3) THE LETTER ELLE – Be Your Lady

Hailing from Sunshine Coast, Australia, Gabrielle Emery, well known by her stage name, The Letter Elle, is a singer and producer.

She has been in the industry for many years, mastering her craft, and recently she released a single called ‘Be Your Lady‘.

The record was co-produced with Harry Fox, carrying an upbeat mood with a nostalgic 60’s soul atmosphere, blending pop, along with smooth vocals and lyrics about taking control as a woman in a relationship.

The result is a pretty stunning record ensuring the podium in our debut.

4) LAPELS – Warning Lights

Hailing from the East Midlands, Lapels is an indie pop-rock band songwriting about the daily basis routine.

Recently they released their debut single, ‘Warning Lights‘, looking to put their name on the music radar as the new generation of indie/Britpop; they signed a record deal to the iconic Marquee Records.

Influenced by Oasis, Blur, and mid-90s Britpop, the already performing gigs in their local area, Lapels is dropping a decent track blending an authentic approach mixed with their influences, debuting on the right foot in our charts.

5) SA’RA CHARISMATA – Life Is Not About Control

Sa’ra Charismata is a Swedish-Eritrean singer-songwriter who is back on the music scene after a four-year hiatus.

Releasing a brand new single called LIFE IS NOT ABOUT CONTROL, the track sounds like a pandemic protest anthem, her conscious lyrics are diverse, depicting struggle with anxiety.

Mixing a particular melding of 80s synths, varied catchy vocal melodies, original way; the single is about a solid and uplifting pop track in true Swedish fashion.

Charismata describes it as a celebration of life, but one which also warns of its pitfalls.

6) MOTHÉ – Summers Almost Gone

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Spencer Fort is an upcoming non-binary artist well know by the stage name of Mothé.

The project came to life after Moth Wings disbanded while writing for other artists, succeeding their move to Los Angeles.

Now promoting one of the tracks of their new album called ‘Summer’s Almost Gone‘ from the EP of the same name. The track was produced by Robert Stevenson, who’s previously worked with Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck at Sonic Ranch in El Paso.

The song combines an energetic atmosphere among smooth melodies, resulting in an enjoyable tune to your ears.

7) PRESLEY DUYCK – Happy 22!

Following up her debut single, Presley Duyck, a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas, who’s releasing their sophomore single called ‘Happy 22‘!

This track was written during quarantine, and the record expresses emotions about her ex-boyfriend’s birthday.

The song has the contribution of Nick Lashley, who’s previously worked with Alanis Morissette, Tommy Lee, Maroon 5, and many other famous artists.

With stunning melodies, the single sparkles and shines an uplifting mood, it was designed to provide strength to those that need it most, revealing her capacity to overcome unfavorable situations turning into light.

8) SULLY– Ghosting

The Australian pop artist is back to the music scene following up the previous success of her debut with a brand new single called ‘Ghosting (Me)‘.

The Melbourne-based talent influenced by JoJo and New Kids On The Block dropped a song about the dreaded feeling of being ghosted.

With a catchy hook and stunning vocals, fusing magnetic synth-driven sounds like an elaborate dance floor anthem.

The track was released last year but is still fresh and relevant, confirming a spot in our charts.

9) BEN KIDSON– Sweet

Ben Kidson is an alternative pop-rocker from South London, influenced by Nirvana; he dropped last year a single called Sweet produced in his bedroom.

Combining distorted, detuned guitars with electronic pop raw production and amusing songwriting; the song is about a universally accessible statement of pure frustration at an elusive lover, as he said.

We think the record is dope, and this upcoming talent is under the radar for solid tunes if he keeps making athletic songs like this, ready to make Pop Punk the sound of 2021.

10) VICTORIA SPONGE – Talk About Tonight (Radio Edit)

Hailing from Glasgow in the UK, Victoria Sponge is an indie-pop five-piece, their most recent single, called Talk About Tonight, gained a lot of buzz with taste-makers.

Inspired by acts like The Smiths and Kate Bush, the band released their first single of 2021 after the critical success of their EP, entitled FILTHY PURE, in late 2020.

The record merges an indie-pop sound with blues, absolutely a saucy banger, finishing the debut of the Top 10 Tracks with style.

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