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We are working hard to be more consistent and post as regularly as possible and you probably already know, but as part of our rebranding, we are creating new sessions.

We’re also migrating some of The Hollywood Six, which will be published here now.

As previously, ‘Radar’ is powered by Musosoup, and we are sharing some of the most impressive submissions we came across.

Let’s see who’s on our radar now!

1- BAILEY TOMKINSON – When The Lights Went Out

Bailey Tomkinson is a singer-songwriter hailing from St Ives in Cornwall. The talented musician made a lot of buzz with taste-makers, including The Daily Mail, Times Radio, and the legendary Brad Paisley.

Drawing comparisons with singer Taylor Swift, besides being considered the fastest rising artist in the UK Country Music Scene.

She has been headlining prime festivals and even reaching the top of the charts.

As a lover of the ’70s, she is back with a brand new single called “When The Lights Went Out”, where she displays more of her own identity with a west coast Kernowfornia sound.

2- SDAR LOTUS – Sacral Chakra

Sdar Lotus is a singer-songwriter who produces Alchemy Sounds using crystal bowls to balance the chakras built of pure quartz infused with gemstones and metals.

Her unique style brings unusual elements to the table in terms of production. She tunes different hertz and notes like 528 hz, known as the love frequency, which is well explained by the genius, Nicola Tesla.

Recently she released a single called ‘Sacral Chakra‘ that takes you into a miraculous transcendental vibration. Produced by Eha Rouge, the project is visionary, deserving a spot on our list.

3- SAPPHIRE– Repeat

Sapphire is an upcoming singer-songwriter hailing from London.

She has achieved a worldwide audience with her vocal talents, runs, and harmonies.

With over 120 Million streams on YouTube, her heartfelt and youthful songwriting style has captured hearts all over the globe.

Her new alternative pop single called ‘Repeat’ could easily be considered an anthem for overthinkers.

As an experienced musician with more than a decade in the music industry, the new song has a profound meaning coming from her own experience of overthinking and background writing songs.

The vocals carry a mixing of Sabrina Carpenter with Madison Beer over a super catchy beat resulting in a saucy banger of a track.


Hailing from Chicago, A Flor de Piel is a family trio formed by multi-instrumentalists founded in April 2007 by frontwoman, Marisol Ceron well known by her stage name, La Brava.

She plays together with her husband, the Grammy and Latin Grammy nominee Renato Ceron or just Renatonatiuh, plus their daughter Sofia Ceron called La Bravita.

They recently released an EP called GIRLHOOD It’s Complicado, which includes the single MI PRIMER AMOR, influenced by the Hispanic and Latin American roots combining multiple genres from bolero to punk rock.

The track is about Sofia’s experiences in a Mexican American family attempting to define where girlhood ends and womanhood begins, along with a stunning chorus combining very tasteful melodies.

5- ZARYAH – Deep Dive

Zaryah is an alternative-pop and RnB talent based in Los Angeles, California, looking for her space in the industry.

Coming back to the music scene with her 3rd single from her debut EP called ‘what u want is mine’, where the single ‘Deep Dive‘ is another totally addictive song, blending her empowered attitude with sexy lyricism and remarkable vocals.

The song is about encouraging women to express themselves without social stress and judgments, exhibiting her burning desire to give up control in an intimate setting.

This sound combines the RnB with extreme melodies, a pretty dope beat, and well-made modern production, confirming that Zaryah is an artist who knows how to please her audience with delicious music.

6- RAQUEL LIANE – F.L.I.R.T. Finding Love In Real Time

Hailing from New York City, Raquel Liane is a singer-songwriter that decided to be an artist going in the opposite direction than her family. Raquel’s father was in the army, and her brother was in the navy.  

She began developing her craft after high school, performing in random shows around the city, going on to release her debut single in 2018 while doing a side job to finance the costs of their productions.

Coming from a Catholic Church, you can find songs like Work Hard, Pray Harder, which has a solid live video performance about inspiring self-love, confidence, and living in the present moment.

Raquel brings an introspective view highlighting the growing pains of early adulthood combined with stunning melodies and soulful vocals described a feel-good experience to all who listen.

7- JOZIE_RAMONE – Shinji

Jozie Ramone is a solo artist, rapper, and producer based in Los Angeles, California.

He also plays guitar and is influenced by multiple music genres and artists, including Megadeth (lol), Eminem, Ozzy Osborne, and 50 Cent, to name just a few…

Besides random bar appearances, he already had the opportunity to rap for Adam 22 at his store in a rap competition in 2019.

Maintaining side jobs to maintain his dream, he also had the chance to play his music video for Jaden Smith once.

His record is self-made, and is called “shinji,” all about his emotions fighting against depression. He felt the need to make a statement by killing himself, hoping that maybe the ones around him would care. 

Even the statement comes from a lower vibration, the song sounds smooth and gets a deserved spot on our list.

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