The world of film often influences how music is classified.

For instance, the movie, 20 Feet from Stardom, by Morgan Neville is a documentary about famous backup singers in the history of popular music.

The documentary is so impactful that the album won the 2014 Grammy for the best music documentary.

The Hollywood industry can have a big impact on how music is classified because of how it influences what people are listening to. Based on these facts we are back with ‘Radar’ which is powered by Musosoup, sharing some of the most impressive submissions we came across this week.

Enjoy it!

1- MIAKIE – Resonating

Mia Söhnge is a recording artist hailing from Dunedin, New Zealand; she released her debut single in 2019, called Familiar, which consolidated her music career in the folk indie scene.

Well known by her stage name Mia Jay, now she is back under a different name; Miakie recently released her first track called Resonating, which blends a cruisy RnB infused tune with a lyricism about friendship that’s out of hand. 

This track was her first experience collaborating with a songwriter, produced by Matthew Young and Estère; the single is a smooth, sultry escape into the world of Miakie, which is a nickname from her childhood to capture her personality and resonate with her audience.

After having EPs out and a national tour under her belt, she is now working with the music producer Devin Abrams who already produced artists like Shapeshifter and Pacific Heights on her forthcoming EP, receiving funding from NZOA for her upcoming single.  

2- BARES – Fruit 

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Ella Sterland or better known by her stage name Bares is in the music industry since 2017, after a few records out and a decent buzz with tastemakers, she is back in the scene in full indie-soul swing with her new single called Fruit. The single is a modern interpretation of the reminiscent sound of the ‘70s instrumentation and groove that will get stuck in your head like bubble gum. 

Considered the soundtrack against the summer anxiety in the southern hemisphere once the season in Australia might be complicated, dangerous, and judgemental, according to locals, the record displays Bares experience of panic as the weather begins to get warm and her gratefulness that seasonal fruits are on sale!

Influenced by St. Vincent, H.E.R, and Lorde, the song is a blend of indie and soul, resulting in a pretty smooth track. 

3- MIA MORMINO – Stick-Up

A native of Los Angeles, California, Mia Mormino is more than an upcoming pop star in the making. 

After a few massive pop anthems out, she already achieved millions of streams on respective platforms, craving for more recently Mia dropped a single called Stick Up along with an intensely artistic music video.

The video concept is about a burlesque dancer who robs poor men who try to sleep with her.

Based on the sin of greed, the perspective displays a heavy authenticity of this singer and songwriter; the modernized jazz sound merges with pop music combined with a confessional songwriting style, which is genuine and complex at the same time.

Be sure to keep your ear out for Mia’s catchy and heartfelt singular music message.

4- ARIN – Rome

Hailing from London, Arin is briskly growing his name around the local music industry, setting up a new standard for up-and-coming artists establishing himself as a writer. 

He comes with a refreshing, unrepeatable twist to the pop and electronic music scene with mellow synths, energetic drums, and intimate lyrics that flaunt his craft as a songwriter. 

With credits on numerous songs paving new paths for diversity in the music industry, Arin is back with his fourth single, which truly showcases his playful take on heart-throbbing pop.

The modern approach carries this energetic, upbeat song called Rome, combining smooth vocals into the exciting yet unexpected aspect of finding love. 

5- MOTHER CULTURE – Drawing By Design

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Mother Culture is a duo formed by Darcy and Spencer Ward. 

The brothers develop and produce all music independently in their home studio together, where the debut EP called, To Be Frank, was created and released in November of 2020.

After a few records out, they are back to the music scene with a brand new single called Drawing By Design, an energetic, pop, heartbroken indie rocker track with hooks that will refuse to leave you alone. 

The song is about dealing with the end of a relationship and all emotions involved in the process, blending ardent melodies with an uplifting instrumental resulting in a psychedelic pop-rock song in contrast to the sad theme of hooking up with someone who acts impulsively.

6- INANNA – Acrotopia

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Inanna is a singer and mythic environmentalist who advocates for veganism, following up the success of her debut single called On Fire, released in 2019, she is back with her debut album Acrotopia, entirely dedicated to nature, animals and the future of the planet.

Released on October 1st, 2021, the record is a collection of mesmerizing songs, with an authentic genre-blending sound, coming together with a dark alternative pop and Middle-Eastern atmospheres and rhythms, resulting in ritualistic anthems.

The album is full of tracks about climate changes and nature preservation, giving a voice to nature and speaking on behalf of humanity, to me, nature is a world that is composed of beauty. 

There are many changes to Earth’s ecosystems as a result of climate change such as how forests and coral reefs are changing as well as sea levels, which are rising as quickly as 3 mm per year right now. 

This record is an awaking call to those who are still sleeping.

7- KEVIN KEEW – Br-Pop  

Kevin Keew is a pretty young singer and gamer from the UK, using his influence to benefit society, seeking attention to his social project sending the message through art and music. 

His debut single was released in 2016, and now he is back on the scene with a more mature work, his new track called Br-Pop, is calling musicians, influencers, TikTokers to mind and take action against child sexual slavery in the world.

The song is a fearless and freedom of speech anthem blending Kevin Northeast of Brazil’s heritage sound like Forró mixing with electronic music, resulting in a very honest and authentic track. 

The project supported by a nonprofit startup is gaining the world through TikTok, the movement calling for influencers to raise their voice, and share their dance videos on socials.

The best dancers will be interviewed and promoted on the international music TV channel SuperPop.TV, available on streaming platforms as Amazon Fire and similars, be sure to use the hashtag #SaveBoysLives so they can find you.


Lorensa is an Israeli singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, performing at numerous venues in her native country.

She moved to the United States in 2016 to follow her path in the music field, releasing her debut single in 2020, then dropping her debut EP called Layers recently. 

The seven tracks of the record are displaying her perspective in previous unsuccessful relationships, influenced by Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, and Sza blend the pop with RnB consisting of a unique sound and passionate lyrism. 

Songs like Where’s My Sorry, Strangers Instead, and Shirel are highlighting Lorensa’s heart and soul on smooth melodies, leading her listeners to a pleasant experience.

9- SARAFIN  Kick Rocks

Sarafin is a recording artist from Alberta, Canada, accumulating more than 12 years of experience as an audio engineer, producer, singer, and songwriter.

After many achievements in the music industry, he is back on the scene with a brand new rap single called Kick Rocks, released in collaboration with FREE.99 collective.

Inspired by his progress as an artist and believing in his worth, the track is a statement Sarafin completes explaining the importance of the record to the community.

The music video came together independently and self-made, telling a story where Sarafin takes the day trip to get away from the city and picks up a hitchhiker who claims to have spotted bigfoot.

The song combines the rap style with upscale instrumental emphasizing the genuine side of Sarafin craft.


Hailing from Ireland, Nissu is a Dublin-based singer and songwriter, originally from Brazil.

He debuted in the field with a love pop song called Forever Mine, back to the scene with his second track U, which carries a decent pop commercial along with a truly creative music video.  

The music video is featuring Harry Potter‘s Actress Afshan Azad and many other celebrities shot in Dublin and Wicklow, inspired by his best friend Jessica when she was moving out of the city where they used to live.

His track is a beautiful pop love song with tight melodies and lovely vocals that shares the message of love, acceptance, and equality.

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