Top 10 Tracks #3

Who has time for radio when you have Spotify? You probably don’t even hear the ads anymore because you’re so used to hearing the same thing over and over. You love music, though, so you’re reading this blog post because you want to know what the top 10 tracks of the week are, right? I know what you’re thinking. “What is this guy talking about? How can he possibly choose only 10?” But he did it, and here they are!


1) QWIET TYPE – Taking On Water

Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, Matt Powell, better known by his stage name Qwiet Type, is a singer-songwriter and entertainer, recently he released a brand new EP called Uninvited, influenced by bands like Police and Maroon 5.

Inspired by multiple genres, his vocals sound reminiscent of pop icon Phil Collins; his record is a unique mix of indie-rock and beat-driven electro-pop infused with positive energy.

Songs like ‘Taking On Water’ have blown up streaming platforms with euphoric melodies and compelling percussion. 

Through dynamic arrangements and optimistic lyrics, Qwiet Type urges listeners to ride out the bad times until the good times return.

The song is the perfect post-apocalyptic anthem, showcasing his full talents to create ideal hits.

2) SAHARA BECK – Kryptonite

Hailing from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, Sahara Beck is both an entertainer and a captivating songwriter.

Following up the success of her last single called Crave Me, Sahara is back on the scene with a brand new single titled Kryptonite produced by ARIA-nominated producer Tony Buchen; this new track shows how powerful Sahara’s voice is.

The song is about running from reality rather than facing it. Served up in a cocktail glass of sparkly pop and gleaming synth, the music blends the electro-pop with the alternative resulting in a super catchy track. 

Kryptonite” comes off the back of her international collaboration with Purple Disco Machine. 

Recently her music has been featured in a significant Queensland Tourism campaign; A Haagen-Dazs TV commercial starring Bradley Cooper, and in NBC’s Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce.

3) LYDIA BRIGGS – Fall Back To You

Hailing just three miles away from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lydia Briggs is a rising talent with her recent single called Fall Back To You.

Once again, teaming up with the stunning production of the legendary producer Jim Wirt, who’s worked with Fiona Apple, Incubus, and No Doubt, to name a few.

Released by Kobalt Music Group and recorded at Superior Sound, Briggs, now based in Nashville, continues her journey in the music industry, bringing together a melancholic guitar riff with a pure voice, blues-influenced piano style, and a bohemian sensibility.

This new track shows Lydia in a more elaborate and dynamic work blending indie pop-rock with super catchy vocals along with a full band, and the brilliant simplicity of her keys punctuates a compulsion to repeat the circumstances over and over again.

4) A.ROB – I Been (feat. Sylvan LaCue)

Hailing from Harrisburg, PA, A.Rob is a solo Hip Hop artist, developing his craft since 2008 when he was only 15 years old. 

He writes, records, and engineers his own music influenced by rappers likes Jay-Z, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

A.Rob is helping to shape a new rap scene and hip hop culture with his talent, recently he dropped a new single called I Been featuring Sylvan LaCue, which is is nothing short of a hit and proof of his top-notch skill. 

Sylvan LaCue ties this track with a stunning double-timed verse; the song was recorded, mixed, and mastered between Philadelphia and New York City by Swedish producer Last Atlantis who developed the instrumentation and arrangement. 

The song is about never giving up on your passion, believing in yourself, and having self-worth. It’s a reminder to be confident about the dreams you are chasing.

The song is about dealing with the end of a relationship and all emotions involved in the process, blending ardent melodies with an uplifting instrumental resulting in a psychedelic pop-rock song in contrast to the sad theme of hooking up with someone who acts impulsively.

5) ALESSIA – Home

Alessia Talpo is an Italian recording artist known by her stage name Alessia, her most recent single called Home is the perfect example of how the artist excels at bringing so many different musical influences under one roof.

Blending modern indie-pop and some elements of electronic music, this song begins with a lush vocal section, with some heavenly harmonies that build a stunning texture.

Highlighting her personality while also breaking new ground in terms of creativity and musical explorations. 

One of the most exciting elements of this song is perhaps how the production merges in so well with the arrangement of the vocals, allowing the singing to stand out clearly without ever being overpowered or buried within the mix. 

Ultimately, this particular studio work comes highly recommended if you do enjoy the work of artists as diverse as Olivia Rodrigo, Daughter, Beyoncè, Adele, or Halsey, only to mention a few.

The great melodies with commercial pop beats make this record stand out, earning one spot on our list this week.

6) CELLOS – Out Of Luck

Based in County Durham, Cellos is a British band formed by Niall Fenwick on lead vocals and guitar, Jack Walker on bass and vocals, Joe Teasdale on lead guitar, and Harry Mason on drums in 2019.

They released their debut EP called Sea or Sky in October of the same year, broadcast on several local BBC, introducing radio stations and other indie radio shows.

Their music is a blend of 90s and 00s influences that help the band stand out when brought together. 

Combining a whole range of influences, they recently released a brand new single called Out of Luck, the second single off Cellos’ upcoming debut album titled Been Here Before.

The single and the forthcoming album were recorded at The Garage Studios in South Shields, then mixed and mastered by TruStudios in Chilton during early summer 2021 over several weeks.

Cellos’ lyrics are genuine, honest, funny, and this indie rock song is about gambling addiction, blending a solid indie and alternative rock, resulting in one of the best tracks of the week.

7) PAJU KAI – Crooked

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Paju Kai is a songwriter, producer, and visual designer.

Her debut EP came out in 2019, just a while ago; she got back to the scene with a brand new single called Crooked, heavily influenced by r&b artists such as Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, Janet Jackson.

The track is motivated by early 00’s pop music and Disney movies antagonists, storytelling the point of view of an evil person, blending an energetic and twisted indie-pop with hip-hop.

The song was written by Paju Kaitajärvi and produced by Paju Kai, Samu Ruuskanen, and Aleksi Skippar.

The idea of the track was to write a story told by a villain in a story that takes pride in being a crooked manipulator towards others.

Paju vocals are really charming, creating a heavy contrast to the subject worthy of the great Disney productions.


Releasing the debut single called Paranoia, Gabrielle O’Brien, better known by her stage name BRIE, is an upcoming indie folk-rock singer and songwriter based in the UK. 

She is influenced by Jade Bird, Hozier, and Florence and the Machine, combining a modern lyricism with intimate and vulnerable emotions supported by her band that create eloquent, heartfelt, and relatable music that is unmistakable. 

The song is about how mental health can affect a person’s relationships and cause feelings of loneliness, anger, and betrayal. 

Taking a more mature approach to her songwriting now, she displays these feelings reflected in the performance of the song with intimacy, minimal verses, and busier choruses layered with powerful vocals.

Even motivated by negativity, the song has a vocal combined with a well-crafted instrumental, which results in a pleasant experience for the listeners.

9) TRICIA LO – Cursed By Your Love

Hailing from Riga, the capital of Latvia, Tricia Lo is a singer-songwriter and electronic-pop music producer.

In the music industry for more than a decade, she has been making a decent buzz, releasing records through major record labels, and getting noticed by the music scene.

Her craft has crossed borders reaching a global audience, consecutively following up the success of a recent single called Running,  she is back in the spotlight with a brand new one titled Cursed By Your Love.

The song is about the contrast between a deep desire for an unwanted person who isn’t good for them, blending a new alt-pop with industrial rhythm influenced by the likes of Bishop Griggs, Ruelle, Imagine Dragons, and Dorothy.

The enigmatic and sexy vocals combined with an absolutely authentic approach made this song a legit indie-pop anthem. 

10) GRABSTEIN – Across The Aeon’

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Grabstein is a junglist and a music producer, developing his craft since 2006, with a visionary approach he likes to explore between multiple styles such as deep bass, breakbeat rhythms, ethnic tunes, and mystic vibes.

He has joined forces with Anien, a singer who found herself in electronic music after various experiments, now combining the drum&bass, folk, and rock music. 

Recently they released an EP with three tracks called Across the Aeon, which can be considered an epic journey through the universes. 

The record sounds energetic and gloomy, combining different genres, resulting in ritualist tribal sound that takes you on a journey to the inner self.


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