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1- MOON WALKER – Doombox

Moon Walker is a Los Angeles duo formed by the frontman and lead guitarist Harry Springer and Sean McCarthy in the drums. 

The Midnight Club formers met each other in high school; they decided to start a new project during quarantine, influenced by funk, post-punk, or even krautrock and bands, including Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Cage The Elephant.

Taking cues from legends such as Bowie, Talking Heads, and Led Zeppelin, they have created a fusion of explosive drum grooves and thrashing unique guitar riffs.

Their undeniable energy and inimitable musical chemistry came after a decade of concerts and music releases together, releasing the debut single called Doombox along with a well-crated music video, which displays a society that is getting far too polarized and selfish.

When so many people have bought into fear and intimidation tactics and narratives becoming an element of comfort zone in our society, combining an impressive act with the vintage rock spirit and aesthetic of the ’70s.

Blending with a modern approach, Moon Walker is a necessary band to the music scene debuting in extreme style.

2- YUSUF ALEV – Fire In My Bones

Hailing from Istanbul, Yusuf is a Turkish music producer developing his craft since 2012; since then, he has emerged as a potential in the music industry, leading to his debut release four years late. 

With the mindset to become a prominent music producer, Yusuf is very open-minded to fresh and upcoming EDM music out there. 

Combining his skills with modern tools, he is fashioning great impressions even with his early mixes, getting a lot of buzz with tastemakers after a few releases out by different labels. 

Releasing high-quality dance music and rebranding old songs with a contemporary approach, Yusuf is increasing his global audience through radio shows and live sets.

Recently he released a stunning single called Fire In My Bones, featuring the fresh producer Coopex combining great synth lines along with astonishing vocals, and incredible production, putting Yusuf at the top of the Radar this time. 

3- MAXYME – Toxic Boy

Maxyme is a singer-songwriter hailing from Quebec, Canada; she started to develop her skill at an early age, releasing her debut single in 2018 called Changer Tout Ça, which opened the opportunity to her obtain a lot of exposure, that happened in the following releases.

The 19 years old talent recently in 2020 began her path into famous debuting on TV in the international reality singing show The Voice; her video performing one of Ariana Grande songs achieved more than 3.3 million views on YouTube.

Led her to a record contract offer with Ammar Music Group, consecutively, she released two singles that performed truly well, reaching the top of multiple charts since last year.

Her most recent single called Toxic Boy, along with a Fresh version, Tu l’as promis, is a collaboration between the Canadian duo Kingdom Street. 

The song is about toxic relationships, actuality her first time writing and producing collaboration with KS Records, blending catchy melodies with raw emotions; this single is an anthemic commercial pop track, fulfilling her dreams to conquer the world.

4- CALISTA DEL TORO – Nothing Else Mattered

West Coast singer-songwriter Calista Del Toro is based in South El Monte, California; she started singing at the age of four, then playing the guitar and writing songs since fifteen. 

Led her to start a band called Alone Together in 2015, performing at the most hype venues in the Los Angeles music scene, including the Troubadour, Viper Room, The Mint, Whiskey a Go-Go, mentioning a few ones. 

After the experience as a lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Calista chose to pursue a solo career, working with considerable producers, including Grammy-award-winning artist and producer Colby O’Donis, who produced her debut single, called Intoxicated. 

Subsequently, a few records out, she released a new single in December titled Nothing Else Mattered, which is about realizing that the honeymoon stage in your relationship is over, and you are just trying to get back to that feeling of magic and passion.

Blending a nostalgic mood with indie, the Mexican American talent is seeking her journey is independently known for her laid-back, soulful pop sound.

5- LOW GIRL – So Cool

Hailing from Hemel Hempstead in the UK, Low Girl is an alternative pop band ready to take their place.

The band has gone from strength to strength since releasing its debut EP called Big Now, being well-acclaimed by critics and tastemakers.

They went on to play a sold-out headline tour, playing on Reading & Leeds for BBC Intro and Wild Paths festival. 

Back on the scene with a new single and preparing for the release of the sophomore EP about to be released next month, So Cool is another irresistible piece of alt-pop song, produced by the famous singer and composer Michael Smith during lockdowns, which is the first of three about to be dropped this year. 

The track was inspired by the feeling of wanting someone seemingly unattainable, blending an indie sound with super catchy melodies with a slot already confirmed to perform at SXSW this year, firmly shaping up to be Low Girl’s year.

6- XOE-B – Two’s A Crowd (Jonny Moody Remix)

Hailing from Worthing in the UK, Xoe- B is a singer and songwriter whose lyrical content is motivated by true feelings, thoughts, and events.

Influenced by famous artists like Tori Kelly, Dan Lancaster, and Hannah Trigwell, she started in the field like a dancer at the age of four, starting to understand the importance of emotion in music and how to generate an emotional connection with her audience.

After having exceeded expectations of her last release, on 02/02/22, she released a new single called Two’s A Crowd, remixed by Jonny Moody, with faith to smash the previous achievement.

The song blends pop-rock with a commercial mood combining warm electric guitars, earthy percussion, and heartfelt melodies; written originally with Melissa Bel, the record helped her evolve as a songwriter making her step out of her comfort zone.

The approach with Jonny Moody brought a unique sound in the guitar and percussion arrangements in the tune that no matter how many times you listen to it, there is always a fresh perspective to hear.

7- PEDRO SAMP – Fireworks

Pedro Samp is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter hailing from London in the UK; he started his craft writing movie soundtracks at nineteen for mainstream cinema like the Brazillian documentary The Anti-Pros.

After that, he started to develop his songs in-home studio based in Southwest London, influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Eric Clapton, only to name a few. 

After a few releases since 2018, Pedro has been releasing several songs, one of his singles titled Kites was air played by BBC Introducing South.

Recently he dropped a new single called Fireworks, a track mixed and mastered by the multiple Latin Grammy winner engineer Daniel Alcoforado.

The song is about mental health issues; the concept of satisfying your ego may take your focus out, getting you away from the present moment, combined with smooth melodies on a decent alternative rock sound.

8- IRYS – Ride Or Die

Irys is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Berlin; her debut single came out last year; since then, she has released five tracks, including the latest titled Ride or Die, alongside a pretty aesthetic music video. 

She quickly amassed over half a million streams across streams platforms, receiving enthusiastic resonance from the critique and tastemakers.

Irys is motivated by the electro-music scene in Berlin, and moguls in the industry, including the Charli XCX and The Weeknd, which helped her develop a music aesthetic independently.

She traded the guitar for synths and electronic beats, combining a future-retro style blending a dark electro-pop with addictive melodies, remaining true to her original songwriting, consolidating her musical fingerprint.  

The single Ride or Die is about a crazy state of mind in a toxic relationship, blending electro-pop with a guitar riff and trap elements, building an exciting contrast to her energetic track.

9- SONGS FOR SABOTAGE – Loaded (feat. Blood Handsome)

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Songs for Sabotage is a post-pop duo founded in 2019 in New York City. 

Subsequently, with many tracks out, the duo is back on the scene with a brand new single called Loaded featuring the mysterious Blood Handsome. 

They wrote this song over the summer with Blood Handsome, their friend since high school, playing in the same local punk rock scene in Lexington, Kentucky, making the reunion easy once now both live in LA. 

Released in December of 2021, along with a VHS glitch aesthetic music video through their label Hush Club Ltd, the video was recorded in LA and in the streets of the Lower East Side, where the duo was initially formed. 

Shot and directed by New Yorker film-maker All Rights Aint Reserved captured genuinely candid moments, including performing the song in front of projections with Blood Handsome on the west coast. 

Which essentially affects its interpretation of the song that mixes the alternative rock sound with a vintage approach.


Malik Corleone is an upcoming rapper and recording artist currently based in Atlanta; he began to develop his craft rapping on the corner in the Bronx for dollars and spare change at just eight years old. 

Working with determination to one day rise to the upper ranks of hip hop, he was born into a musical family; he grew up in numerous different cities, adapting his chameleon style.

Both MCs, supported by his uncle and dad, also influenced by Nas, 50 Cent, and J-Cole, helped Malik find his unique sound, especially when he moved to Atlanta.

Dropping songs since 2019, his newest single called Solo comes along with an industry-type music video blending his eclectic background, showing freestyle with a vulnerable and authentic approach; he allows himself to be truthful in his music writing process.

The warm uptempo sound of the song mixed with trap and hip hop style, including sad lyrics, and catchy melodies, reinforces the resilience of Malik’s patch.

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