Top 10 Tracks

Good music is awesome!

Almost everyone loves a good tune, and what’s better than a good tune from a good artist?

In this weekly session, we will share our favourite tracks every time.

You never know what you’ll hear from us, but you’re guaranteed to love it.

1)- SIMONE NICOLE – Divine

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Simone Nicole is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who loves to play acoustic guitar.

Nicole started writing at age twelve and consequently performed at open mics when she was 18, influenced by many artists from Britney Spears to Backstreet Boy, Linkin Park, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift.

Performing in numerous venus in the US, she previously toured through Switzerland and Germany.

Her debut single came out in 2010, and after a few records out, Nicole is back to the scene with a brand new single back of two years without releasing anything.

The single called Divine is a homemade track, Nicole written and sung with the support of Marina Bennett on backing vocals and David Bashford, who produced the song.

Divine is a song about the celebration of the divine feminine, a teasing invitation to her love to explore the intimacy in a sacred way, blending dreamy synths with a medium-tempo pop with an anthemic expansive chorus that leaves you singing along craving for more.

2)- OLIVIA MORREALE – Wasting Daylight

Olivia Morreale is a Los Angeles-based artist, songwriter, and producer; she grew up in a household soundtracked by jazz greats like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald.

As a self-taught pianist and guitar player, Olivia started to take things to the next level in college; when she moved to LA to attend USC after finishing high school in New York City, where the underground jazz scene heavenly influenced her.

Inspired by the west coast pop utopia merging with her jazz background, she developed her musical aesthetic, resulting in something in between synth-pop, chillwave, jazz, and soul.

Her newest single titled Wasting Daylight is a love song from a monogamic perspective, combining sweet and simple lyricism with a live horn section.

Written in collaboration with LA-based producer and guitarist Eli Koskoff, the result is a super catchy song that can be considered an introduction to the softer side of Olivia’s production.

3)- PKAY – Pls Call Me

Hailing from Bakersfield, California, PKAY is a 21-year-old indie-pop artist based in Los Angeles, releasing her debut album Letters from the 99 on 2.22.22.

She started her music career singing at churches with her grandma and great aunt, who used to sing regularly with Buck Owens. Writing her songs at the age of 18 after a heartbreak when expressing emotions in music became extremely necessary.

She wrote the record alone in the middle of California’s Highway 99 using iPhone’s voice memos singing alone, driving back and forth from the studio in LA.

Pls call me is one of the tracks in the record, produced by PKAY and James Gyerman and recorded at MIX Studios in Los Angeles.

The song may be the critical work of storytelling on the album loaded with broken chords on keys and slowly built strings; there’s a rhythm and an accuracy to the chorus that gives the song a haunting quality resulting in an outstanding commercial track.


FANCHON is a creative artist and songwriter from London in the UK, blending alternative rock added with dream pop and grunge influences.

Inspired by The Strokes, Sonic Youth, Hole, and Lana Del Rel, recently, she dropped a brand new single called rsm SMiLE, following up the buzz on her previous releases last year. 

Now she is bringing together grunge elements in a track and writing in collaboration with her bandmate Frazer, who is heavily influenced by Thieves and Deftones, leading to something melodic and massive at the same time.

Intentionally she wants to sound raw, displaying an athletic message to inspire her audience to do the same.

The single is about making yourself laugh, leaving the negativity behind, blending a punk rock style with 90s references; this collaboration with a new bandmate brought a positive polarization between sweet and heavy, resulting in a pretty stunning record.

5)- SLANT – 75″ TV Screen

Hailing from Brighton in the UK, SLANT is a superpower quartet formed by Katy Smith & Frankie Stanley on vocals alongside Aurora Bennett on drums, James Virtue on bass, and Jamie Broughton on guitar.

In just a short time, they already made a lot of buzz with tastemakers like BBC 1, BBC 6 & BBC Introducing Sussex, leading them to pack out headline slots in independent venues in their hometown.

Following up their previous success since their debut single in 2020, recently they released a new single called 75″ TV Screen, which will be part of the upcoming EP.

The band is anti-lockdown and isolation trends and suggests the audience tune in to their record to enjoy the new age, combining an electric and highly commended live set.

They have a big expectation for their debut EP titled My Friends Are All Machines, about to be dropped on March 18th via the independent record label Pool Valley Music.

The song is about the idea of the fall of humanity at the hands of technology, blending an alternative and indie-pop with catchy vocals. 

I can see the analogy it is not a mere coincidence; today, people are much more concerned with status and social networks than genuine human interaction, the real appreciation of the moment. 


The Violet Nines is a band from Minneapolis, MN, that plays groove pop; alternative groove-centric pop fused with funk, rock, and R&B.

The band was formed in august of 2017 when they released their debut single, consecutively releasing their debut album in July 2018 through a vinyl record.

After a decent buzz with the audience and tastemakers, The Violet Nines is back with a brand new single called Baby, recorded at RiverRock Studios in Minneapolis, mixed by Steve Kaye from SunKing Studios and mastered by Greg Reierson from Rareform Mastering.

The song blends the funk among 80s pop commercial vibes with a strong groove and energy, resulting in a pleasing experience for the public.

The official music video has an incredible aesthetic, and the band makes a spoof of the 1980s exercise phenomenon, Jazzercise.

7)- MAD NAD BO –To Matt

Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Mad Nad Bo is a band formed by singer-songwriter Nadine Schwizer, Sandro Jordan on guitar, and alternating band members on drums and bass.

In December 2017, Mad Nad Bo released their debut EP titled Things Left Unsaid.

After four years of hiatus, Nad and her band are finally back, releasing a new single called To Matt, a song not just about getting hurt; it’s also a statement of empowerment.

Influenced by Amy Winehouse, Peggy Lee, and Muddy Water, this track tells us the story of an unhappy sort-of-relationship in a bluesy and very emotional way.

To Matt, it is not just a piece of traditional music, Blending stunning melodies with jazz and blues. The unique voice definitely will capture your attention, combined with a passionate guitar progression.

8)- RO NOVA – Silver

Ro Nova is not just another singer and songwriter; after the buzz of her previous releases, she is back on the scene subsequently of her feature on Nimino’s debut record dropped by TH3RD BRAIN.

Last year she was busy touring with Tom Jones and collaborating with other songwriters in the Uk.

Her previous releases garnered support from tastemakers such as Harriet Rose and James Threlfall from BBC.

The single called Silver is an unapologetic electro-pop statement, combining a synth-driven and upbeat mood.

Silver comes simultaneously with a shiny self-directed music video featuring warped versions of Ro’s appearance using a phone and Ipad screens and projected diamonds as backdrops.

The result is a super catchy track blending the electro and alternative pop.

9)- SMALL POCKETS – Good Reason

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, small Pocket is a project from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey Kirby. 

Doing his debut as a solo artist, Joey is releasing the second track of this project, the single called good reason.

This one was produced and recorded with the assistance of producers and audio engineers Daniel Gleason and TJ Elias at Big Trouble Recording in Atlanta, the guys who already work with Grouplove, Lunar Vacation, Mallbangs, Babe Club, only to name a few ones.

The track good reason is a light and airy track that floats through the journey of finding your own community combining stunning melodies with indie and alternative moods.

The track comes along with an animation made with the help of Abraham Mast, who created the music video based on Rich Rayburn’s coloured pencil character designs.

10)- DULCIE – Medicate Me

DULCIE is a Midlands UK-based singer-songwriter, releasing her debut single titled Medicate Me, inspired by artists like Dua Lipa, Anderson Paak, SZA, and Amy Winehouse.

In such a short time, the talent started to get noticed by the tastemakers getting her onto Spotify Fresh Finds playlist within a week of release.

It is not for less once the single radiates good vibes combining soulful R&B vocals and insightful lyricism with electro-pop and funk instrumentation, creating a totally original sound.

The song is about a mental health journey, particularly her experience taking antidepressants and medication; Medicate Me is the perfect soundtrack post-therapy.

Currently, in her final year studying Songwriting at BIMM Birmingham, where the song was born; there DULCIE is still developing her craft and collaborating with other talented individuals to make solid records like this one.

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