Radar #6

If you’re a music lover, you’ll want to check out Music Radar. It’s a session that showcases the latest and greatest in music, from new bands and artists to the last album releases. 

You can also find music news, interviews, and music videos. Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or just getting started, Music Radar is a high resource for finding new music to love.

1- AINSLEY COSTELLO – Little Sister

Hailing from Tennessee in Nashville, Ainsley Costello is a 17-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist releasing a brand new single called Little Sister.

She started her music path performing in school talent shows and musical theatre when she was seven, winning her first endorsement from Breedlove Guitars when she was only fourteen.

Consecutively, touring on the West Coast while finishing high school online, now she is finishing up her sophomore year at Berklee College of Music, studying Music Business while she manages her music career. 

Recently the song Little Sister came out, influenced by other artists, like Taylor Swift, Paramore, and Kings of Leon, her inspiration for talents from Nashville made Ainsley move from Seattle to chase her dream.

The single combines stunning vocals with an anthemic melodic pop-rock, resulting in an enjoyable song worthy of being at the top of the charts, breaking into our number one spot this week.

2- MARBLE – Red Room

Formed by Chantel Bailey, who sings and plays the guitar, Matthew Blount on guitar, Jonny Wade on bass, his brother Matt Wade on guitar, TJ Grant plays synth, and William Mapp plays the drums, gives life to the musical project called MARBLE.

Influenced by the likes of Wolf Alice, The Kills, The Dead Weather, and Radiohead, only to name a few, MARBLE is an independent band from Seattle, the birthplace of the grunge scene and one of the greatest bands in the history of the world rock.

After years of playing together, the band released their debut single during the pandemic and are about to drop their upcoming debut called Red Room is the first single from this record, giving us a preview of what is to come.

The album was mixed by Brandon Eggleston, produced by Jonah Cohen, and mastered by Ed Brooks, who already worked with legends such as REM, Death Cab for Cutie, Pearl Jam, and more.

The single is moody, combining vocals that show the pain on the track perfectly with a stunning guitar line creating the melancholic atmosphere of the song about hope and love, inspired by suicide feeling to be light at the end of the tunnel.

3- MARINA BENNETT – Lose My Mind

Hailing from North Vancouver, Canada, Marina Bennett is a self-proclaimed sonic storyteller and singer-songwriter; her warm voice and powerful four-octave range always let the audience wait for more.

With beats that make you want to shake and dance or haunting cinematic ballads that pull you right into your heart, Marina recently released her newest single called Lose My Mind.

This song was produced by Joshua Santos, merging an upbeat, dreamy pop anthem celebrating the risk and rewards of falling in love with someone new when desire takes over. 

The production was inspired and focused on a Latin groove, together with dreamy synths with a splash of the jazzy piano as her sultry vocals cascade melodically and command your attention. 

Lose My Mind features melodies and arrangements that are genuinely catchy and pleasant in the commercial pop style mixing pop with alternative RnB resulting in incredible chemistry, the kind of music you hear on repeat non-stop.

4- MADDIE PARK – No Fcks

Hailing from South Bay Area, California, Maddie Park is a contemporary RnB pop artist influenced by Ariana Grande, SZA, and more.

Maddie started to develop her craft very early, singing in a local choir and musical theatre programs; she later expanded her musicianship to include the fundamentals of piano and guitar.

Recently, she dropped a single called no fcks, which seems to be an atemporal record about someone who only leaves at the moment, mixing the atmospheric pop r&b space, striking a delicate sonic balance between bouncy and moody, dark and soothing.

The Korean American talent was born and raised in California; her tune is full of emotion in the chorus and melody, finding harmony within the overwhelming rhythm blending lyrics that reflect a rare honesty.

It results in a strongly pop and Rnb flow among smooth melodies that will keep you in the mood.

5- CAMI BROOKS – 50 Roses

Cami Brooks is a singer and songwriter from Argentina, based in New York City.

She is developing her craft from a pretty early, building up a music style influenced by artists like 1975, Cyndi Lauper, Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift, exploring the 80s-inspired Dream Pop. 

She recently released a single called 50 Roses, a song about self-love and self-growth, mixing indie-pop with pleasant melodies and poetic lyricism; the track is amusing even without very catchy melodies.

As an independent artist, Cami thinks it’s crucial to be 100% in control of the creative process of her music and work, currently focusing on her studies in the music business to improve her work.  

Her upcoming EP is well served with poetic lyricism and feel-good instrumentation about to be released this summer.


Beautiful Farm House Double Barn Doors

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Kaylin is a singer, songwriter, and actress; her music career began when she was a child, but the essential motivation to become a pro happened after her cousin was shot and killed. 

She already opened up for artists such as Ryan Cabrera and Aaron Carter not so long ago; she released a single called Like A Girl, a song about someone of the same sex and how that could be scary.

Partnering up with other LGBTQ singers, the record is not just a single but a coming-out statement for her, telling her friends, family, and the world that she has been dating a girl. 

The song was produced by Sam Polizzi & Johnny Cummings, who already worked on stunning records like the Daughtry’s Heavy Is The Crown.

Keeping a very organic and emotional production blending a pop feel with a dark vibe, about to inspire people to be themselves instead of living up to someone else expectations. 

7- SADIE NIX – Taylor Case (That Means You)

Sadie Nix is an upcoming pop and alternative artist from London in the UK; she is influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Taylor Swift, and much more.

Ignoring the industry standards, she is releasing her debut single at the age of 38 to inspire people who resonate with her ideas and lyrics.

She found room to dedicate herself to the music industry during the lockdown in quarantine; Sadie was able to take the time to record and pursue a change in the industry.

The single called Taylor Case (That Means You) was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London and is the result of years of experience singing and songwriting music. 

 What could be considered a negative thing turned into a positive; once her age allows her to have more ownership and experience to develop as an artist, the record combines the commercial pop sound with pleasant melodies proving that age is just a number.

8- SWATS – 808

A native of North Carolina, Swats is a singer and songwriter who plays in a band called GameBreax; he got influenced by talents like Kendrick Lamar and Skrillex.

Swats started to create his music very early, and now he is doing a lot of buzz in the music industry, including game soundtracks and everything.

Recently he dropped a single called 808, which has a futuristic perspective approaching a philosopher thinking.

The song was recorded in his home studio, the beat was produced in Hungary by his partner, Craddy, and the mixing and mastering were performed at Black Pearl Studios in Charlotte, NC.  

The number “808” has a deep and spiritual meaning helping in the manifestation of harmony and success; even though it sounds sensual, the vocals delay is by design once Swats wants the listeners to feel the vibe and enjoy it. 

9 – MATT BEDNARSKY – Finish Line

Matt Bednarsky is a vocalist that plays guitar typical singer and songwriter, influenced by John Mayer and The Beatles, only to name a few, ensuring some buzz with tastemakers in 2020, getting his music heard by millions so far.  

Recently he released his fourth studio album called This Beautiful Place, which notoriously achieved a large audience, additionally to the opportunity to open for British legend Joan Armatrading in the northern hemisphere and Australia.

Now working on his fifth record, he is dropping the upcoming single titled Finish Line, a pop-rock track combining a decent electric guitar and a fun driving drum beat.

Approaching a philosophical perspective, the lyrics with deep thoughts result in classic rock and alternative-rock sounds, delivering these questions, therefore, urges humanity to think deeply and in detail about our existence.

A pretty alluring record about our desires and uncertainties leaves us in the discomfort of cravings among a tasteful imprint in the classic pop-rock sound.


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