Top 10 Tracks #5

If you’re looking for some new music to add to your 2022 playlist, here are the 10 top recording artists you should check out.

From pop and hip-hop to country and electronic, there’s something for everyone on this list. So turn up the volume and get ready to groove.

1)- JEWLS – All I Want

Hailing from Cologne, Germany, JEWLS is a singer and songwriter recently; she released a new single called All I Want.

Her debut in the industry happened in 2019 with the song Golden Rush; since then, she dropped melodic tracks blending classical pop music with melancholic electronics. 

JEWLS is a rare gem in the music industry that deserves more attention by combining a poetic approach with melodies that goes from fragility to darkness.

The hook of the track is strong, and the mixing is well crafted, while JEWLS vocals put you in a soft mood, which is pleasing and honest at the same time.

All I Want is an outstanding song that leads into solitude, a self-journey meantime, the piano is the highlight in the instrumentation, making her emotional melodies even better.

2)- UNA JENSEN – Crooked Tooth Featuring Boy Jr.

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Una Jensen started making waves in the industry at the age of 12, catching the attention and ear of *NSYNC‘s Chris Kirkpatrick, who soon became her mentor. 

Signed to Universal/Gypsy Diamond at 15, she quickly discovered that the stage wasn’t her place, so at 17, she moved to Los Angeles with friends to pursue her love of songwriting. 

Una Jensen is a 23-year-old songwriter, producer, and engineer from Los Angeles. She is the former CEO of Revel Artist Development, co-owner of Granada Hills Studio Eastlake Los Angeles, and a BMI writer. 

She has worked with Adrian Young on No Doubt on drums, Jim McGorman on Goo Goo Dolls on guitar, and Todd Forman on Sublime.

Recently she dropped a new single called Crooked teeth feat. Boy, Jr. is a super pop wonder. Written and produced by Una Jensen, it combines deep, muddy basslines, sparkling bells, and Una’s sweet rap. 

The record combines the commercial pop with snack crunching sound and sexy vocals, putting the testosterone levels at another baseline.


Hailing from Munich, Germany, Herb Barclay is a rapidly-emerging multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and DJ who creates modern original music influenced by old-school pop, dance, rasta, and hip-hop. 

He combines a retro flair with 21st-century creativity on a track that boldly blurs genre boundaries and imbues them with their creative vision. 

The project collaborates with international singers and rappers who bring their magic to stunning songs. 

In an industry that lacks creativity, his craft is innovative with a notable change in the landscape.

After doing a lot of buzz with taste maskers with his previous releases, he is back to the music scene with a new single called Realize. 

The song blends multiple elements mixing the rap with a rock resulting in an original track.

4)- HOLMES – If It Was Up To Me

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HOLMES is an indie-pop based in Guildford, influenced by artists such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Fatherson, Noah Kahan, and Sam Fender, bringing a new sound to create an unforgettable musical experience. 

He quickly garnered support from BBC Introducing The South through early projects as soon he released the debut single called If It Was Up To Me.

The talent truly showcases the artistry to come with vibrant production, flowing melodies, and infectious rhythms, combining heavy guitars and driven basslines, setting a tone for his future projects.

Looking to create a household name in the field, he thrives on taking a lyrical journey through love, heartbreak, and the challenges of life to make each song as memorable as the last.

The record displays stunning vocal melodies along with a solid beat that is anthemic, merging the alternative and indie-pop.


Seven-Tier Piano Cake is the musical alter ego of Los Angeles attorney and law professor Justin Hoyt. 

After releasing his second EP titled The Patriarch and the singles as Middlegame and Remy, Hoyt is back with his new single called Endgame, a song with up-and-coming artist VRL an intense and dark synth duet. 

The single end-game brings catchy melodies with a smooth beat resulting in a dreamy but intense dark pop duet with him and the upcoming artist VRL. 

The track was co-written and co-produced by longtime Hoyt teammate Ian Stahl from Kingsize Soundlabs and mastered by legendary Sterling Sound engineers Greg Calbi and Steven Fallone.

Influenced by legends like Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, and M83, only to name a few, the song mix a nostalgic synth-wave style with pop among multiple synths, spacey guitar, and a thick fuzzy bassline about the end and aftermath of long-term relationships.

6)- ELINA FILICE – Dont Let Me Fall

Elina Filice, originally from Toronto, Canada, is a singer-songwriter, spoken word artist, and storyteller known for her songs and interactive live performances. 

She released her anticipated second EP in May 2021, following a string of successful releases that garnered critical acclaim and an official Spotify playlist. 

After a busy 2021, she recently returned with a new track titled Don’t Let Me Fail; the song features funky guitar riffs overlaid on an infectious beat with a hymn hook. 

The dark lyrics lament the burden of loving someone in a state of depression and exploring the downward spiral of chaotic mental health and the horrific pressure of someone begging you to save them.

They bring together super catchy melodies with an enjoyable rhythm and instrumental progression. The dance flow merges with the rock sound, resulting in a pleasant experience for the audience.

7)- MAIDA ROSE – Tales Of Adolescence

Maida Rose lights up 2022 with her unique dream-pop style, originating in the Dutch seaside city of The Hague, Netherlands; the project is the vehicle for the songwriting partnership of Roos Meijer and Javièr den Leeuw.

After spending the past five years writing and recording in the attic of Javièr’s childhood home, the band is finally starting to share their dream-pop gem with the world. 

The debut single came out in 2021; consecutively after other releases, they are back with their first full album called Tales of Adolescence, a semi-concept album about the often-transitionary experiences of their formative years.

They recorded everything remotely, the other band members only heard the finished project at the listening party, and the songwriters could listen to their work with fresh ears again.

The album is full of chill and enjoyable tracks combining the dream pop with indie and alternative rock, songs such as Every Day Is Blue and Luna’s Lullaby is the perfect vibe to start your day with the good shit.

8)- EMBERS – Bluebird

Hailing from London in the UK, Embers is an exciting electronic pop artist and producer known for soulful vocals, soaring synths, and thumping bass lines, plus her live looping videos.

In just a few months, she started building a loyal fan base on social media and planning to release a ton of music for the rest of the year, which is just the beginning for Embers! 

Dropping her debut single called Blue Bird, a homemade track recorded in her apartment in London, a tune that will drive through your favourite cities at night while it blares from your speakers. 

The song is about developing love with London and giving up on not serving you anymore. 

To keep Ember’s growing and engaged fans happy, or “the flames,” as she affectionately calls them, Bluebird will take you on a journey through the city.

Her vocal is stunning and pleasing, fusing the electronic pop with solid and enjoyable hooks making a debut in extreme style. 

9)- PIXIA – Prince Paradox

Hailing from Leeds in the UK, Pixia is a British singer-songwriter with a unique style described as convincingly engaging and the ability to leave a groupie behind; she recently released their debut EP titled Morphia in early 2021. 

She released her electro-pop single titled If I’m On Your Mind, which received critical acclaim from BBC Radio Introducing and other trendsetters. In September 2021, she released another track called She Glows from the American indie label Bonfire Records.

Her musical background dates back to her childhood; She started singing at the age of five, auditioning for Teenstar and OpenMic competitions in the UK, and performing live at venues across the UK. 

The new single called Prince Paradox combines a soft electronic soundscape with her signature ethereal vocals, putting you in a mood that leaves you with something to ponder over even after the song has finished.

Here we have another indie-pop blending the alternative rock with soft and pleasing melodies inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, resulting in a very experimental track.

10)- EMEYE – Da Da (Hi There!)

EMEYE has a mysterious concept, linking the natural world and the virtual world. Its origins are unknown but based in London, constantly evolving, experimental, eclectic, and avant-garde. 

Released their debut track, “Da Da (Hi There!)“, a captivating Tech House track that showcases Emeye’s ability to layer sounds to create awesomely!

Like a skilled conductor, Emeye embellishes his scores with an array of sonic elements: thumping bass drums, plucked bass, rolling percussion, and childish voices that make up magic. 

An artist sampled the sound in Paris during the pandemic; it was a smiling child singing in his stroller, the best thing about this busy place.

The record combines the sample with tech-house creating a lounge atmosphere perfect for a club where the track was initially dropped at a party in Roma.


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