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Jonathan Lobo is a Dubai-based musician who creates music to tell stories about love, life, and other things in common. 

After receiving accolades from bloggers and tastemakers, he returned with a new single called Magic, as his latest song titled Start Again also appeared on Spotify’s Fresh Finds. 

Magic is his first song written in 2021, and it’s about someone who brings excitement, meaning, and inspiration to their lives. 

The song tells the story of two people, from the excitement of first meeting to the resulting personal development. 

Produced by Aman Sheriff, the record features a new, fresher sound with an acoustic R&B vibe, layered guitar melodies, up-tempo lyrics with inverted cymbals, clapping, and alternating snare drum sounds, leaving the rhythm unchanged. 

2- GLOOMY JUNE – Always Gonna Let You Down

Hailing from California, Glomy June is an indie-pop band consisting of lead singer Alexi Rose Belcher, guitarist Devin Nelson, bassist Jack Sundquist, and Ash Hyatt. 

Dull June, named after the cold fog that enveloped her hometown of San Francisco in early summer, is the soundtrack to a sad beach party. 

On April 21st, Glomy June released their shiny new wave pop single Always Gonna Let You Down ahead of their upcoming EP Popsick on May 13th. 

The dance-like melodies and beats reminded the band of ’80s records like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” At Nelson’s suggestion, “Always Gonna Let You Down” was born. 

If you’ve ever felt different, or if the world made you more anxious than ever, this band can be your playlist choice. 

3- DELTA – Lumination

Born in a New York studio, Delta delivers brain food through audio waves. Delta started as a channel to explore songwriting styles outside the box and formed as it discovered collaborators worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from a melting pot of fusion styles and decades-long influences, the music dances between genres. It immerses you in a swirling listening scene and transports you away with triangular waves.

After connecting with multiple artists online and tirelessly completing the album via video chat and email, Indigo Sun was finally released to the world.

Hip-hop, Latin, dream pop, and R&B influences come together to bathe you in the indigo sun, and the single Lumination is one of the main tracks in the record.

The entire album is somewhat influenced by the electronic indie, ethereal pop, and alternative hip-hop scene, mixing lo-fi headspace with dreamlike landscapes, resulting in an incredible and enjoyable experience for the audience. 

4- AM. – LOL

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

AM is an emerging hip-hop artist from Long Beach, California, a mecca for legendary West Coast rappers, where Snoop Dogg, Frank Ocean, and Vince Staples were born. 

The West Coast native is delighted to present his second work of the year, a single called ‘LOL‘, which will take you on an existential journey made by 7ink. 

You can hear the variety of influences that can be heard in his music, from the melody unfolding as he raps to the upbeat aesthetic seen in his images. 

In 2018 he released the first single titled “God Says” since then, he has been releasing music nonstop, leading him to open for prominent artists accumulating more than 160k streams so far.

LoL is mixing trap with rap music, blending the autotune vocals famous on tracks from artists like Migos and Future, resulting in a solid record, which isn’t bad for an upcoming artist.

5- Micki XO – Light Me Up

Micki XO is a Portland, Oregon-based pop singer and songwriter who dreams of connecting with others through her lyrics and voice.

Her music touches many topics, including mental health, self-love, and relationships.

She has performed at various venues in Oregon and hopes to one day travel the world through her performances and share her love of music with others.

Determined and passionate, she finds nothing happier than conveying her emotions and experiences through music and sharing them with those who can resonate.

Recently she released a single called Light Me Up, with powerful, deep bass combined the deep tones through this house-pop song that highlights the darkness of indulgence and revelry. 


Hailing from Palm Beach, Florida, Super Saiyan Jay or Jay is an aspiring recording artist; he recently released a song called Let Them Be.

The basis of this single is the conflict over the choice between chaos and peace that runs throughout the song.

The cover spot two paintings made by him, representing his reflections, each with two works in different colours.

The song presents a conflict between choosing chaos and peace, as it leans more toward the chaos and confidence in the music.

When he cements his dominance at the song’s end, the whole track is filled with raw emotion, merging hip hop with rap sounding authentic and robust for a young rapper.

7- GENTRY BLUE – Tell Them I’m Insane

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Gentry Blue is a garage rock band formed by Lydia Gentry on vocals and electric violin, Brendan DeBonis on guitar, Will Gibson on bass, and Kaleb Kinyon on drums; Gentry Blue stays true to its roots, constantly seeking to embrace its rock aesthetics themselves to reflect a changing world. 

Founded in late 2018 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, Gentry Blue, originally named Gentry, took their passion for music from the classroom to the stage. 

The quartet began building their psychedelic prog-rock sound in Rush, Jefferson Airplane, 90s grunge styles, and well-measured with an electric violin.

After several records out, they are back to the scene with a brand new single called Tell Them I’m Insane, a fierce and energetic song about having your crazy villain moment, where you can blast this with your car windows down while cruising down the highway. 

The song produced by the Grammy-winning producer Mitch Dane features retro moments of mellotron, powerhouse female vocals, and driving electric guitar layers, inspired by the likes of Rush, Jefferson Airplane, Heart, Kansas, and Janis Joplin.


A.b. Violet is a singer and songwriter hailing from Southend On Sea in the U.K., influenced by London Grammar, Caribou, Massive Attack, Bombay Bicycle Club, La Roux, Annie Lennox, and otherwise just general house.

Her previous tracks have been played on BBC Essex Introducing, Unsigned with Matt Wherry, and European Indie Music Network and recently featured on BBC Essex Introducing’s Home Session.

Not long ago, she released a new single called EQUINOX, a studio project. She collaborated with the same producer in Essex that worked on her earlier stuff, so there are some apparent similarities with older tunes. 

However, this E.P. contains the extended time of the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator, an energy shift – maybe you can at least tap your feet – as we look forward to new beginnings.

EQUINOX addresses overwhelm, pessimism, and regret, the melody of each track grapples with a heavy rhythm that symbolizes the weight and rhythm of everyday life that we all sometimes struggle to keep up with.

9- GROOVECRU – Vibes Of Her

GrooveCru is an independent music label, artist, producer, and curator of musical grooves combining nostalgic vibes of Drum&Bass from a new perspective of sound arrangements.

After seeing one of my favourite Juice movies, he wanted to be a D.J. He started making music in 1999 when a childhood friend introduced me to Fruity Loops 3, and he’s been making music on his computer ever since.

His influence is hip hop, and some of my favourite producers are 9th Wonder, Kanye West, J Dilla, and Dr. Dre, to name a few.

Made and recorded in my home studio, Vibes Of Her is inspired by the changes in the music industry to recreate music; this song speaks to how we feel when we talk to the people we love. From butterflies one day to confidence the next.

Vibes Of Her is about the feeling we get when talking to someone we like. From the butterflies one day to having confidence the next.


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