Top 10 Tracks #7

There are few things in life more personal than music. 

An artist’s connection with their audience is unlike any other. 

When an artist pours their heart and soul into their music, it can create an emotional response in the listener, unlike any other experience. 

Music can transport us to another time and place and make us laugh, cry, or think. It can provide the soundtrack to our lives.

There are so many talented upcoming record artists these days. 

It’s hard to keep up with them all! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 tracks of the week.

 1- MOLTENO – Element 1

Returning to grab our attention with her fourth project, MOLTENO is a fresh face ready to grab our attention with her brand new 5-track project, taking listeners on a stratospherically nostalgic journey from beginning to end.

Molteno’s soundscapes are rooted in her bedroom studio, where she blends reality with the surreal to create dreamy atmospheres. She often collaborates with other artists to bring her unique vision to life.

Though it can be challenging to pin down, many have described the “alternative RnB” genre as a meeting point between dream pop and other styles. If you’re a fan of either genre, you’re likely to find something to enjoy in alternative RnB.

Molteno has performed at Camp Bestival, Fractalight Festival of Light, Camden Assembly, The Finsbury, and The Victoria. She has also been featured on Shoreditch FM and Soho Radio.

This is the first of four EPs that celebrate the elements and how nature connects us. With a world of success already acquired, Molteno is one to keep a close eye on!

2- ETTIE – Until I Met U

Ettie is a unique new artist on the queer-pop scene as an English Literature graduate and connoisseur of millennial angst. 

With a talent for playing with words, she creates a compelling brand of storytelling that is both anxious and gay. Caffeinated and promising, Ettie is an artist to watch.

After the viral success of Ettie’s daring single, “I’m Sorry to my Exes” –  (from her debut EP “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”) – she decided to open up about the games she played with ex-boyfriends, admitting that she was not being candid with them. Considering she now ‘plays for the other team’, she wants to apologize for any hurt she may have caused.

Ettie is celebrating her identity, queerness, and love with the energetic sound and emotion of 00s pop-punk. “Until I Met U” pulls you out of the darkest places with its message of love and acceptance.

Ettie’s song was co-written with renowned pop producer Steven Chase (BMI). Produced by Jennings Couch, taking influences from artists such as Hayley Williams, Avril Lavigne, and Pale Waves. Ettie’s music is known for its honesty and originality, making it an inspiring sound.

3- SHADY OAKS – Numb

Denver-based band Shady Oaks quickly makes a name for themselves in the Colorado music scene with their heavy blues-rock sound. Two years into its career, the band is already enjoying success and gaining a loyal following of fans.

Ty Gallaway is the lead guitar and leads vocals for the band, Jonah Samp is on drums, Loren Dorland is on vocals, Brendan Lamb is on bass, and Isaac Vance is on guitar and vocals.

They formed in 2019 and played their first gig in March of that year. The Covid pandemic gave them time to write an album they released after the lockdown ended. They recruited Loren Dorland to sing on “Tequila” while recording at her studio, Mighty Fine Productions.

The bands that have influenced them the most are Jack White, The Dead Weather, and The Black Angels.

The single was recorded, engineered, and produced by Loren Dorland at Mighty Fine Productions. The track was then mastered by Jack White’s engineer Bill Skibbe at Third Man Records.

4- OZZ GOLD – Rest Of Me

Ozz Gold is a Producer & DJ based in Las Vegas. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Ozz moved to Vegas and started his music career. 

As a military veteran, Ozz found a new sense of purpose in making music that could lift people and make them dance. 

Ozz has performed for audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas and recently produced his debut release “Unknown.” Even though Ozz’s background is unconventional, he is rapidly making significant progress in the music industry.

He takes inspiration from tropical and progressive house artists like Kygo and Alesso and finds fulfillment in knowing that his music is making people happy.

As we move through life, there are times when we need to leave behind things that no longer serve us. This can be a complex process, but it’s important to remember that we always have the strength to do what is best for ourselves. 

This is what Ozz wanted to capture with his new track, “Rest of Me.” It’s a progressive house track that represents the idea of finally being free from something that was holding you back.


Therése Neaimé is no stranger to making music that seamlessly breaks the usual boundaries between genres, and her most recent studio work, “Fools Gold“, is no exception.

This new song is an excellent showcase for the artist’s natural progression, beautiful voice, and ability to constantly incorporate new ideas and evolve her sound. It’s also catchy and down-to-earth.

If you’re looking for a great introduction to Therése’s music, “Fools Gold” is the perfect place to start. With its autumnal vibe, the song is ideal for this time of year.

In January 2021, Therése won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Dance with her song “Dance Love.” This made her the first Swede ever to succeed in this category. In January 2022, we had the pleasure of seeing her perform at the renowned GAPF – Fadimegalan 2022

Therése has been nominated for the Swedish Event Academy’s Fool Award in recognition of her willingness to take risks and innovate in the face of adversity. This award is one of the event industry’s highest honours, and it is a testament to Therése’s dedication to her craft.

6- WILD FIRE – When It Wasn’t

The best singers often draw upon their personal experiences for inspiration. This is especially true for young artists who are still developing their craft.

Wild Fire, a.k.a. sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig, are a perfect example of this. Despite being in their mid-teens, they consistently deliver powerhouse performances that wow audiences.

Their 2021 release “What If We Never Met” has been met with critical acclaim, spending over sixteen weeks on Spotify editorial playlists such as “Wild Country,” “Next in Nashville,” “Fresh Finds Country,” and “Fresh Finds.”

“They are one of the best up-and-coming young artist duos out there,” said Linda Wilson, Texas Country Music Association president. “Their live appearance on ‘Great Day Houston’ set the music world ablaze.”

As one of the most famous music groups on social media, Wild Fire has expanded its reach to include other areas. In 2022 with over 250,000 followers across social media platforms, Wild Fire will be able to make a significant impact in the years to come.

7-ABBY POWER – Protostar

Abby Power is a musician and songwriter from North West London who has been active in the music scene since 2010; Power began her musical journey by writing poetry inspired by Def Jam poetry slams. 

She eventually transitioned into songwriting, drawing influence from artists such as Ms. Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, and Mof Def.

After a five-year hiatus, Abby returned to music in 2020 with a string of singles and collaborations and her EP Abby Power – Home Is where the start Is EP.

With sounds inspired by Motown from the ’70s, you’ll feel transported. You’ll enjoy every minute of these classic tracks.

Hennessey_tk and Abby Power have teamed up to bring listeners a new school twist on an old-school vibe. 

The 7 tracks on their album take the listener on a journey of doubt and denial, right through to self-belief and happiness. It’s the evolution of a star – from humble beginnings to newfound success.

8-IDA ALEX – Free Woman

Ida Alex is set to release her debut EP, ‘Free Woman,’ the EP includes five songs, two of which have been released previously, along with three new tracks.

As a young woman, Alex’s life is full of struggles. She wants to break free from her past but finds it hard to be true to herself. This EP will be a diary-like description of her journey to inner liberation.

Clubgoers can let loose and forget their troubles while dancing to “Me, Myself and I.” This upbeat song is perfect for anyone who’s recently left a toxic relationship and is ready to move on.

Alex’s songs are characterized by their empowering messages and infectious rhythms. Having grown up in a religious background, Alex draws on her own experiences to craft songs that inspire listeners to embrace their strength and potential. 

Her lyrics are always honest and uplifting, whether writing about personal growth or social justice. Above all, she wants her music to make people feel good and get them moving.

9-NORTH SHIP – Plastic House

North Ship is a musical duo consisting of singer, guitarist, songwriter Tom Golzen, and drummer Francis Nørgaard Jensen. 

Francis is a highly skilled drummer with many years of experience. Together, they create a unique and powerful sound.

North Ship has undergone several changes since its inception in 2013. Initially starting as a solo project focusing on quiet, atmospheric acoustic songs featuring a cello and double bass guitar, the project has since expanded to include a full band lineup. 

Plastic House by North Ship is a unique blend of electronics and live guitar, drums, and vocals. The song is about deciding who you are and appealing to those who like Bowie’s Blackstar period, Arctic Monkeys, and 90s-influenced alternative rock.

10-HANNYTA – Fluctuating

Hannyta is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter based in the United Kingdom. Originally from Hungary, she grew up in Scotland before spending time with her aunt in Florida. 

The talent has developed a love of all things American and strives to bring her unique perspective to her music.

After releasing a series of successful cover versions of songs by Idina Menzel, Rachel Platten, and Lauren Daigle, Hannyta finally released her debut original single, “Wildflower.” The Euro Folk-pop track quickly hit the Top 5 on international iTunes charts!

Hannyta released her album “17” in March of 2022, which hit the UK iTunes Top. She is also a semi-finalist in the world-renowned International Songwriting Contest.

Hannyta’s new pop single “Fluctuating” was released on May 21st. The original single is a pop ballad that tells a story about being unsure of whether or not to move forward with a love interest. The dance remix of the song was released on June 3rd.


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