Top 10 Tracks #8

There are all kinds of music and artists out there. You can find a piece of music to fit any mood or occasion. There are upbeat songs for when you’re happy and mellow songs for when you’re sad. 

There are songs for when you’re in love and songs for when you’re angry. Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a song for that. And there’s an artist out there who can perform that song perfectly.

It’s hard to narrow down the top 10 recording artists of the week, but we’ve tried. Here are our picks for the best of the best.

1) MORNING TRIPS – Where Is Your Out?

The band Morning Trips‘ latest album, Where Is Your Out?

Which came out this week and features several types of songs that should be familiar to all fans of the band.

The band says that its upcoming EPs will feature exciting ideas and visuals. The group aims to redefine what makes a band a guitar band in the hyper-phonetic modern world.

Having taken time off from touring due to the 2020’s epidemic, the band Morning Trips used its time offstage to establish a unique sound. As a result, its recently released songs depict its current identity.

The Toronto Music Hall of Fame describes The Florida Band as a: “Genre-Bending pop act”, whose songs have varied from bubbly, atmospheric pop to hyperactive, introspective punk. The Florida Band’s 1st EP, Morning Trips, is about to be released.

2) JAMES STEPHEN – Stronger With You

James Stephen‘s full-length debut Stronger With You, represents an exciting new direction in the young artist’s work, showcasing funky rhythms and novel vocal techniques uncharacteristic of his previous releases.

James Stephen writes and records songs that draw inspiration from the music of the American South. His most recent EP, Stronger With You, explores a sound strongly influenced by the alternative rock of the early 1990s.

The band’s influences are many and varied. The most noticeable effects on their sound and writing include John Mayer, David Ryan Harris, Michael Jackson, and Paul Simon, among others, but there is a wide range of influences.

Stronger With You was recorded and produced by Gregory Chiche, a Manchester, England-based producer.

3) future. exboyfriend – Molly

Future.exboyfriend is a Pop project based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The name is a nod to the band’s fascination with the future, a love-hate relationship with technology, and the inevitable end of a relationship. 

The band’s debut single, High at the Gym album (also available for streaming), is an Indie Pop track about the excitement and uncertainty of falling in love (literally) at a music festival with a person of ambiguous gender.

Tyler Harris, Isaac Paul, and Josh Arena, members of Salt Lake City, Utah-based future.exboyfriend, cite influences from psychedelic band MGMT, Tame Impala, and Prince.

Future.exboyfriend features the tracks “Molly,” “Fool,” and “Happy to Pretend.” The group masterfully weaves disassociation and dancing falsetto melodies to create a tidal wave of synthesized pop flour.

4) JORDAN JONES – Flawless

With this song, Jordan wanted to capture the ideal Sunday vibe; something he likes to do is sleep in and spend the day in bed being in the moment with his girlfriend with his favourite song on repeat. He wanted this one to feel light, fun, and sexy. 

Many of us forget that it is possible to live for the moment and that daily life demands we choose between the needs of others, our aspirations for future success, and our desires lived out in the here and now. 

Jordan Jones followed his second single with a vibey, upbeat Pop-R & B banger. With the unapologetic attitude he’s known for, Jones delivers a Pop-R & B banger on his latest release.

The album was recorded at Velveteen Music in Edmonton, Alberta, with Brad Smith of Velveteen Music as the lead producer, with the help of Brandon Unis and Randor Lin, and mastering by Jordan Jones.

5) ROE – That’s When The Panic Sets In (Part I)

Irish musician ROE has been compared to artists including Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, and Frightened Rabbit and is labelled as part of a new scene of Irish singer-songwriters. 

Roe has released the first half of her debut album, That’s When the Panic Sets In. The six-track release includes previously released singles such as “I Dare You” and “A Temporary Thing”, along with the new single “I Can Change.” 

It is a direct, witty, and painfully relatable indie pop song about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, not realizing it was terrible until later, and wishing you hadn’t.

The new album is a collection of songs about the changes in her life over the past couple of years. She felt nervous about releasing it, and at the same time, there was a tremendous weight off her shoulders.

6) Alex Beck – Tunnel Vision

Alex Beck was born in Los Angeles, and her early musical influences ranged from the Rolling Stones to Madonna. After studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, she has emerged with an eclectic songwriting style, and an open-minded approach to euphoric ’80s pop.

As her musical tastes evolved, Taylor discovered new artists who influenced her songwriting and sound, including Tame Impala, Angel Olsen, 1975, and Maggie Rogers. Those artists helped shape her indie-pop sound, blends dreamy synths, rock guitar, and honest storytelling lyrics. 

Alex is a musical renegade. Her music draws from nostalgia and the missing hole in her life that continues to haunt her. With raw, candid, and vulnerable lyrics, she has an ear for evocative melodies that are innovative and nostalgic simultaneously.

Tunnel Vision is an energetic track about being in love with someone and feeling a sense of elation. The chorus repeats “I’m stuck in tunnel vision” throughout the song to express the other person’s feelings. Electrifying is the only way to describe the feelings of love.

7) Cicci Landén – Need To Run

Cicci Landén is a Swedish-American singer, songwriter, and musician with a strong feeling for Americana music styles. The common theme in her songs is personal storytelling and beautiful melodies complemented by her expressive voice.

Cicci grew up in a musical household and began performing at a young age. She is a gifted songwriter and charismatic singer, and she currently resides in rural Sweden with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.

She has previously released two albums, an EP, several singles, and a cover of John Hiatt’s “Have A Little Faith In Me”.

Her new single, “Need to Run,” communicates the emotions she felt during a rough period in her life. Production, instrumentation, and sound blend together to create a song she is proud of.

8) KUBOTA – Thank You

Los Angeles–based Japanese-American artist Kubota released his EP Zen earlier this year. Since its release, it has accumulated over 120,000 streams. 

In addition to his newly released EP, Kubota will remove a single titled Thank You.

Music artist Kubota, who collaborated with producer Kingsford on the release Sequel in 2021, is launching a new project called Thank You. 

“I’m excited to showcase something outside of what I usually write and perform, says Kubota. 

In the song Thank You, R&B singer, Chaka Khan discusses heartbreak with a positive outlook. Rather than dwelling on the negative, she teaches listeners the value of appreciating the lessons learned from experience.

9) PleasePrettyLea – Burden

Independent singer-songwriter PleasePrettyLea combines various styles in her music, including cabaret and symphonic pop, and released her first album with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Before reconnecting with the artistic community, PleasePrettyLea received a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work. Her counselling experience allowed her to place her characters’ experiences in a real-world context.

Although Pleaseprettylea’s vocals are fierce and raw, the most affecting part of the band’s performances involves expressive lyrics about being weighed down by the internal pain of inadequacy and the desperate need to be understood.

The track “Burden” is a downtempo electronic ballad featuring pacy beats from Zaq Sawyer Coffee and eerier vocals from Pleaseprettylea.

10) Michelle Limanjae – Sane

Michelle Limanjae releases the third track from her upcoming EP after the recent release of Pluviophile Song. Previously known for her acoustic and indie-pop tunes, Michelle displays a more experimental side on Sane.

Sane,” tells about keeping pain and anxiety to yourself, which will drive you crazy. The song was inspired by people who don’t speak about their struggles with others, even though it can drive them crazy.

The song is driven by Michelle’s vocal harmonies, bass melodies, grungy chord progressions, distorted guitar riffs, and dreary, moody vocals. The song structure is slightly off-kilter, but it’s a style that Michelle still developing.

Hand-painted acrylics with a cut-and-paste photo of Michelle herself were used in the cover art of this album. The album was produced at her home in Jakarta in March and mixed and mastered by Haruchika at Greatwave Studios.


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