Top 10 Tracks #9

Now, with the help of 1111CR3W, you can experience the top 10 tracks of the week that are moving the masses. We are committed to finding you the best new music and bringing your spirit to life with each song.

So there you have.


With her deeply personal tune “FAV FLAVOR,” her multi-tonal instrument floating atop a nostalgic – yet modern Pop / R&B production, Newark native singer/songwriter AMANDA HOLLEY delves into her Soulful R&B roots, buttery tones, a 5-octave range.

Amanda shares her most powerful emotions when it comes to love and finding that one person you can’t get enough of, as well as letting go of inhibitions and fear, as the only writer of the melody, lyrics, and voice arrangement.

“The melodies and words occurred to me while wandering around city streets on an emotional Saturday night,” Holley explains. I decided to give in to my greatest desire for love and music.”

Holley’s powerful performance is supported and highlighted by the sweet production by XXL MAGAZINE Featured Producer OhKayLaws and raw voice production by Grammy Winning Engineer Michael Prochillo RichRoyce, which allows kaleidoscopic hues to shine through.


After years of perfecting his craft by playing the guitar for local bands and becoming a fixture at acoustic showcases, singer/songwriter Sergio Napoletano has finally found his sound and his voice.

With several years spent honing his craft as the guitarist for such notable Staten Island-based acts as Paul & the Tall Trees, Sergio Napoletano is now stepping out on his own as a singer-songwriter…

Memory Aisle is a collection of songs created over the last four years, especially from time spent locked up and during the summer months. It is the first new music released since the 2016 EP, Go On.

On this album, reflect on the past and look forward to a future of new paths and experiences (relationships, fatherhood, career, etc). Sergios’s talented friends helped him to create unique sounds and vibrations.

3) MÆRE – Pretty Crash

Märe is the brainchild of Berlin-based producer Cee, who wrote and produced tracks with a group of international artists and collaborators.

The artist’s debut single was born in the collective imagination of her masked producer, Cee, who wanted to explore his identity and image by combining elements of several musical genres the singer was familiar with.

The Story behind Local producer Cee’s early hit single “Pretty crash” began as Cee was in Moscow and saw gau perform at a karaoke bar. 

Pretty Crash” is an upbeat summer song about the self-awareness involved in realizing your tendency to accidentally hurt people and the fight between fear of opening up to someone else and the security that comes from the awareness.


After three years of COVID-19 (Civic Organizational Voter Information Drive), confusion, depression, anxiety, hope, love, and mixed emotions, MAYOR’s fourth studio album are now available.

The latest album by Israeli band MAYOR depicts the chaotic period in which it was created in a very relatable way.

Oran and Gili, friends from the Tel-Aviv rock scene, collaborated to write and record songs; they enlisted producer Gili Meir to help them. The result was an album.

The band combines 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock with influences from bands such as ABBA, Depeche Mode, Tame Impala, and LCD Soundsystem.

They have performed on stage twice at Israel’s largest music festival, the Ra’anana Menashe Festival, and have done several radio appearances, including an interview on 88 FM.

5) CRASH WORLD – So The Story Goes

Vancouver’s Crash World is an acoustic duo whose music spans the genres of pop, folk, and jazz. Their sound blends the harmonies of Glen MacLeod and Graham MacDonald.

Heavily inspired by the poetic whimsy of 60s music, the boldness of 70s music, and the expressive range of contemporary music, Crash World carefully listens to how music touches our hearts.

Crash World’s music embodies the freedom of walking into a club and discovering bands outside their usual genres and songwriters empowered to express themselves.

So the Story Goes is Crash World’s debut album. It features 15 songs recorded by a stellar lineup of local studio musicians and producers, each lending their creative energy to Crash World’s music.

6) ZIPS – Damaged

Hailing from Miami, Florida, upcoming recording artist, Kevin Zulueta, better known by his stage name “Zips,” has worked in the industry for more than 10 years; he has engineered for both hip hop icons Lil Wayne and Fat Joe.

His latest efforts have been focused on transitioning from a rapper to an independent mogul/music artist. They have been recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered from his self-designed studio apartment.

Each of these Zips’s songs provides an emotional experience and shows the eclectic range of his musical palette.

Damaged is an album released recently, is a fusion of punk, hip hop, and pop and serves as a musical platform for self-expression and overcoming trauma and heartbreak. 

Its intent is to uplift listeners facing heartbreak and trauma from past relationships.

 7) KIEY – Sunday Sanctuary, Pt. 2

Electro-pop artist Kiey has released Part II of Sunday Sanctuary, the second compilation from his upcoming second album. The four-song Part II of Sunday Sanctuary is part of the twelve songs from Kiey’s second album.

These four tracks are from the second EP of Sunday Sanctuary’s forthcoming album. The EP showcases the upbeat and poppy aspects of the project, which are all in short supply on the album.

“Make Me Insane” is unashamedly sexual and is simply a catchy bop all around – laced with brass, double bass plucked, and a steamy beat!

The song came to be when Kiey had a naughty fantasy about Britney Spears.

Amid a year of global turmoil, Kiey did not want to write dark songs. Instead, he wanted to record an uplifting album. Furthermore, the concept of “Sunday Sanctuary” is the polar opposite of his debut, “NightTo Myself.” 


Cindy-Louise, an independent musician known for her distinct writing style, is creating waves in the global music market.

The South African-born singer, who only began her career in 2019, has already been doing a lot of buzz with tastemakers.

Her debut album, HUMANITY, was recorded in the Netherlands and was released in 2021 to rave acclaim.

Her song Just Relax has over 30,000 Spotify streams and her video Make It Out Here Alive has already over 107 thousand views.

The new track MONSTER is a fascinating look into the singer’s life.

Instead of feigning self-assurance, learn to love and respect yourself.

9) EVA NO – Batteries

Eva No is an artist and songwriter that enjoys keeping things interesting in music. She was born in June 2022. 

She accomplishes this by generating a new and fresh sound that flawlessly blends many styles. 

There are no rules, and Eva No is always open to anything, from modern pop’s lyrical punch to electronic music’s energy.

Eva No just revealed a new project dubbed “Batteries.” This EP contains eight songs, including three remixes of the magnificent “I Don’t Know,” which serves as the EP’s centerpiece.

The album is an excellent introduction to Eva No and a testament to her constant desire to raise the bar and challenge herself musically while maintaining a highly catchy and approachable demeanour.

Through engrossing melodies, lush soundscapes, and lyrics that are simple to identify with and relate to, the music will immediately grab the listener’s mind. 

Fans of Halsey, ABBA, Katy Perry, and Madonna will undoubtedly connect with the heart and soul of “Batteries” and, by extension, with Eva No’s broad-ranging musical vision in general!

10) Dj Nasty P – Sounds Nicer When Nasty

Dj Nasty P combines the best of Scottish and US Hip Hop, working with an impressive list of US and UK Hip Hop artists, including Ghostface Killah, Ed O.G, Termanology, Groove Armada, and many more.

UK Hip Hop Dj Nasty P has received credit for pioneering the Scottish Hip Hop movement while simultaneously building his presence in the United States through collaborations with well-established artists.

Best known for his remixes of pop and hip-hop songs, award-winning Scottish producer has launched a new album, 2022 Sounds Nicer When Nasty, in his signature style of high-energy dance music.

Nasty P’s volume Five is a compilation of songs made by remixing existing electronic and other samples, chopped and arranged to be danceable.


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