Top 10 Tracks #10

There’s no doubting that music is a massive part of our lives. It’s a way to express ourselves, connect with others, and have a good time.

But, with so many different genres and artists, it can be hard to keep up with what’s new and upcoming in the music world. 

That’s where the Top 10 Tracks comes in. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things music. From the latest albums and singles to news and reviews, we’ve got you covered. 

So, whether you’re a music lover or just looking to stay in the know, check us out!

1) MAYA YENN – Better Luck Next Time

Although she is a relative newcomer to the music scene, the singer-songwriter has already been invited by BBC Radio to perform two songs for a Home Session; one of the sessions was streamed on the BBC Radio 1 website.

In the song “Better Luck Next Time,” a man is fighting to complete a critical report while a plane he’s riding in is going down, reflecting his struggle to prioritize his career above everything else.

The song is filled with pulsing beats and samples of real aeroplane noises, as well as bass lines and quick flicker beats. You can feel the bass jumping out of your headphones. 

The lyrics are a disturbing mix of weather metaphor, hustle culture, and burnout, set to a pop backdrop.

2) THE MARS MCCLANES – Wherever You Go

The Mars McClanes may or may not have originated from this planet, but they unquestionably moved to Dallas, Texas, from whence they call Portland, Oregon, and Colorado home.

On June 10, The Mars McClanes released “Wherever You Go,” their third single. Before travelling to Nashville, Tennessee, to record with drummer Paul Constantine in the basement of Waylon Jennings’ former home, Southern Comfort, Brian Corley, and Russ Chapman penned the song together.

This is a song about the open road, as Corley observes, and every summer needs one. 

With the windows down, this song sounds fantastic, according to Chapman. “Wherever You Go,” says, “Want what you’ve got now and who you’re with.” Wars and divorce are themes that appear in other songs.

3) FRANCES BAKER – Soulful Baby

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Frances Baker graduated from Berklee in the spring of 2022 and is an artist, producer, and vocalist. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Baker is a born musician. 

She performs solo with a guitar, samples, and scoring midi instruments. Her music mixes Americana lyrics, energetic rhythm, lo-fi indie guitar, and emotional voice.

Like Maggie Rodgers and KAYTRANADA in sound, Baker forges a route through music that is all her own by fusing emotive indie music with rhythmic dance. 

As Baker just went on tour with Arlo Parks in the UK as part of her The Collapsed in Sunbeams 2021 tour, her musical skill is not going ignored. It’s essential to keep an eye on Frances Baker because she’s a rising star, a force to be reckoned with, and a fresh face in the music industry.

Soulful Baby gives a homage to vintage soul music before morphing into a masterpiece of hazy bedroom pop. It’s hard to assign this song to a specific era because the genres are skillfully woven together.

4) ANNA LUTHER – Pins And Needles

Anna Luther, a 23-year-old indie-pop singer, who grew up in the Ohio Valley and was raised in Richmond, is a DIY artist seeking to speak to the soul.

She is greatly influenced by “chamber pop” and cinematic themes, and her music combines rich vocals and emotive lyrics with reminiscence-inspiring synthesizers, ambient noises, and texture. 

Anna aims to make each listener feel heard as she speaks on the human condition.

Pins & Needles,” Anna’s newest song, is out right now across all platforms! Even more, music is on the way, although you can frequently see early clips of unheard material on her Twitch live streams.

5) THE LUNAR KEYS – Oxygen Type

The Lunar Keys are a group of four worried individuals from the London suburbs who have too many songs and too much neurotic energy to not be in this band. 

The band, formed in the latter part of 2019 and refined its lineup in February 2020, spent the remainder of that record-breaking year composing and recording, assembling an album’s worth of material that hasn’t yet been released. 

The band has been longlisted for Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent 2020 and featured on BBC Introducing, thanks to their recent single releases.

The first in a busier release schedule this year, with more gigs and Lunar Stuff happening, is the song Oxygen Type.

It’s also the first song the entire band has recorded in the large London Studio together, trying to capture the energy of life as much as possible.

Lyrically about the sensation of spontaneously launching into the night while feeling ecstatic about making the most of a potential night out.


Arizona-based Phoenix Jane N’ The Jungle is the charismatic main singer for Jordan White writes songs, Brian Dellis plays the guitar, and “Big B” plays bass. 

Together, they provide soaring tunes with witty lyrics, gritty guitars, and consistently outstanding and enduring performances.

Jane N’ The Jungle, who recently released their Ocean Creatures EP, went back to Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit to record their upcoming album with producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric). 

Their most recent song, “DIRTY DOG,” in which Jordan describes her experience of sexual assault and how she “felt so dirty and so little, like a “DIRTY DOG,” demonstrates the growth and evolution of their music. The words were written on a napkin when I chatted with Ayron Jones in a nearby dive pub and exchanged personal tales.

“I’m a dirty dog, not a bitch,” Female independence rock song encased in sharp sound, distorted guitars, and piercing lyrics about a personal sexual assault performed with gusto and accuracy. Written on a napkin while spending time with Ayron Jones in a neighbourhood dive pub.

7) PROJECT 21 – Out Of The Dark

A mysterious, quirky artist with a contagious passion for creation and a strong desire to use music to communicate with people and the natural world. 

Y’urs were highly dissatisfied with the system, especially in Germany during the height of the epidemic. She witnessed highly unsettling indications that the government was trying to push mankind to the limit by deceiving and bullying it.

Y’urs continues to connect and assist artists from its current offices in Ireland and Jamaica.

Project21, a group of anarchic avant-garde musicians, is excited to share Out of the Dark, their debut single, which was released on May 27 and contains a massive collaboration amongst musicians from Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, and Wales who were linked through Covid lockdowns.


Farmgirl Alds Fjóla began her career at ten in a local singing competition. She was raised among the breathtaking environment and gloomy fog of Borgarfjörur eystra. She took it very seriously, and even though she lost, she continued to write dramatic songs about her cat’s passing and other things that needed to be said.

She buried herself in rock, grunge, and upbeat music during her teenage years, but she was constantly searching for the songs’ agony, sarcasm, and significance. Alds Fjóla was 16 years old and listening to bands like Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, and Alanis Morisette when she desired to feel that raw anguish so she could put those lyrics down.

Her debut album, Shadows, was published in 2020. Suddenly, her grief and vulnerability were mirrored in her songs. Her and Stefán rn’s origins in Grunge Rock music will be the inspiration for her next record, which will be an EP published in October 2022.

The first track on that album is called Burn. It’s a discussion with myself on how we constantly criticize ourselves and how to choose your route in a world where everyone has an opinion about what you ought to do.

9) COSSARD & FLEMMARD – No More Boring Hours Of Fishing

Cossard and Flemmard decided to put together a musical journey motivated by Paul Auster’s book “The Music of Chance.” The lyrics were written by Fabrice, a musician who has resided in London and also happens to be a designer (Les Gobelins). 

The composer was Manuel, who also makes songs and film scores and places titles with both French and international publishers.

Manu Bleton, who plays keys and sings lead on every tune, is the magician and the primary arranger. Nicky Noodle contributed some backup vocals on “Lost at sea,” but? From … Canada When singing background vocals on Wandering Soul, Jessica Allossery? 

Fabrice was responsible for composing all the lyrics, including any decent ones.

No More Boring Hours Of Fishing combined and rearranged due to Sam’s flawless playing and singing. Nothing else occurs until many weeks later when Sam is travelling with a buddy on a deserted road when, surprise, surprise, one of his songs comes on the car radio. Albeit it was recorded by another artist! 


Rich Freitas has been at the drum kit for the last seventeen years. He has taken his time to find his musical voice, playing with groups like Low-beam and Slander. 

Ellery Twinning’s first solo album was recorded in a log cabin in his Connecticut home. Acoustic guitars, laid-back drumming, adventurous bass, and hints of electric guitar and piano that add colour give these tunes a quiet, reflective ambience.

Ellery Twining, a devoted storyteller who once played the drums for the bands 17 Relics, Low-Beam, and Slander, is the author of the indie singer-songwriter album Weatherall from Mystic Connecticut. 

When he takes us inside the party that finished with handcuffs on tightly and is now a famous event that will be remembered in tales for all time, his tone causes you to softly close your eyes since everything seems so effortless.

As he created the tunes for “REVENGE,” British producer/DJ Andrew Weatherall went away. The song and the accompanying music video are a homage to him.

James Canty, who edited the film, is known for his work on Spiritualized’s “Out of Sight” and Catfish and the Bottlemen’s well-known “Hourglass” music video with Ewan McGregor.

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