Radar #7

Music radar is a session on our website that provides information about new music releases, upcoming concerts, and music festivals. It also includes a fresh approach to music news and reviews.

In contrast to the top 10 tracks, we put a greater emphasis on the aesthetic approach here than how precise the production is, letting untapped talents take center stage.

There you have it. 

1) SUPER FËMMES – Guilty Pleasure

On June 17, 2022, Super Fëmmes released the recently composed song Guilty Pleasure as a second single. The writers of Guilty Pleasure include Collin Idzikowski, Tor Eimon, Julia Gartha, Jakke Erixson, and Denise DeDe Lopez of the Super Femmes. 

Producing it is Swedish recording artist, songwriter, and producer Jakke Erixson, who resides in Los Angeles. Erixson has previously collaborated with producers Max Martin and RedOne and musicians like Rod Stewart and Christina Aguilera.

This song is fantastic in every way and could easily have made our selection of the top 10, but this time they are taking the top position on our Radar session.

Super Fëmmes will go on a tour in support of it this summer. They will debut at the significant Swedish festival Vi som älskar 90-talet (Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Helsingborg), where they will perform a freshly developed act that combines their classic songs with brand-new material.

2) PROKLAIM – Sparrow

Proklaim (Kult Status) is a Ugandan-born MC raised in Zambia and now resides in Namibia. He has a passion for using hip-hop music to exalt THE NAME OF GOD and does it with excellence and passion.

Proklaim is a talented individual who loves what he does. He blends the aesthetics of real poetry and charm with cutting-edge progressive production, making him both a throwback and a pioneer. 

His material is frequently message-driven, much like Tupac’s was, yet it is refreshingly compelling to listen to and full of energy. Unlike most rappers nowadays, he has a distinct lyrical style that blends reggae soul with pure hip-hop.

With the release of a new song titled Sparrow, he is breaking through the competition with his style and audacious sound, which is up to par with so-called “first world” standards.

3) MIDNIGHT VILLAGE – Save Me A Seat In Your Mind

On July 1, 2022, the Los Angeles-based Alt/Pop band Midnight Village will release their debut EP, “Save Me A Seat In Your Mind.”

Co-written by band members Sean Kolar, Tyler Lyons, and Canadian singer-songwriter Lilianna Wilde, the genre-defying album took three years to complete.

The EP features the group’s first “nomadic dream-pop” single, “Backstreets,” as well as the songs “Catch A Flight” and “All You Gotta Know,” which are about long-distance grief and summer breakups, respectively. For the MIDNIGHT VILLAGE tune “Still Feels Cool,” including studio musicians for artists like Alessia Cara and Dua Lipa, Midnight Village hired electronic musician and producer Delyzer.

Since their formation in 2018, Midnight Village has established themselves as live performance artists, headlining clubs including The Viper Room, KissKissBangBang, The Mint, and El Cid in Los Angeles, CA as Alley Taps and Cabana Taps in Nashville, TN.

In the summer of 2022, Midnight Village will play in Los Angeles and the neighbouring areas.

4) REHUMANIZE – Elemental

In 2020, ReHumanise started in Ireland. He is a producer and multi-instrumentalist. His recent work, inspired by bands like Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and The Smiths, combines world music with electronic music employing instruments from around the world. 

His most recent album, Elemental, is a love song with loud percussion and groovy electro chords. James Auwarter, a GRAMMY-winning mastering engineer, stated that working with ReHumanise on his track “We Are Strong” had been a genuine delight. 

He’s pretty good, and the music is excellent. As a producer and co-writer on a TOP 5 hit in Ireland in 2017, Damian Brady used his actual name. 

Since September 2020, he has released five solo albums. He will continue to release new songs regularly. On July 1, ReHumanise performed at the Bello Bar in Dublin for the first time.

5) ELAMAR – Running

Let’s talk about Elamar, an Israeli soul-pop singer-songwriter born and nurtured in the Village of Peace, a unique neighbourhood in southern Israel made up of African Americans who had returned home.

Elamar epitomizes the beautiful fusion of two very different cultures. His straightforward yet uplifting style reflects his upbringing in a holistic, vegan, and spiritual community. 

Running, a hit song by Elamar with a melodic acoustic mood that energizes the passion of love via his soft rock-deep voice style was released as a single.

His songs frequently discuss the struggles faced by regular people in unusual times. Within the established genres, his music does not belong. His compositions do not have a tone that is in tune with the outside world.

6) NOBODY’S WOLF CHILD – Green Fires

On June 10, Nobody’s Records released “Green Fires” by Nobody’s Wolf Child. The first instalment of a trio of records is this one. As with all prior forms, the Wolf Child will be seen in her new disguise in the visual counterpart. 

Although this album maintains its trademark extravagant vocal arrangements and mesmerizing rhythm and bass, there is something edgier as the primitive components hiding in the shadows come into view.

Considering that Nobody’s Wolf Child has only been operational for six months, its fan following has expanded thanks to its global pack of members quickly. She has had over 100,000 views on streaming platforms, made artist radar playlists on Spotify, and featured on BBC Introducing.

The journey’s first track, “Green Fires,” has an acoustic guitar, a languid trip-hop vibe, and the Wolf Child’s distinctive vocal harmonies. However, the chorus introduces the song’s primaeval elements—inside and outside the wolf child—along with the deep, distorted bass, ushering in the first indications of a transformation.

7) NEMESIS – Tigress

Tigress,” a new uplifting anthem by hip-hop/R&B singer Nemesis, features the Los Angeles rapper in top form over beautiful melodies and rhythms created by Oh No The Disrupt. Rakim, Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, KRS One, Missy Elliott, and MC Lyte are just a few of the musical greats that have impacted Nemesis’s philosophically laden humour and speeding boom bap sounds. 

As she assumes the courageous spiritual persona of a “lone huntress,” the Tigress, Nemesis continues her razor-sharp lyrical investigation of the universal mind on this ominous new tune.

Nemesis is a true force in hip-hop who is assured, intelligent, and lyrically talented. Nemesis is a part of the hip-hop group Pure Order.

This song makes it clear why Nemesis, both poetically and spiritually, associates herself with the traits of an apex predator. This song ingeniously portrays Nemesis’ capacity to empower herself and others who have the guts to accept and embrace their true identities.

8) OCEANYS – Unsere Große Freiheit

Oceanys was founded in 2017, and this is its second album. A robust rhythm section consists of Michael Pass on drums, Detlev Gebers on bass, Matthias Steinhagen on violin and voice, and Steven Steinhagen on guitar and voice. Oceanys perform sultry violin tunes and solos in the vein of Genesis, U2, Sting, Coldplay, or Jean Luc Ponty over swaying beats and harmonies (referred to as the Fidel). 

Additionally, there are German-made reggae/dancehall elements on the album. Seas speak of love, freedom, peace, saving the oceans, self-discovery and -realization, and a just world with voices that may sound both tender and fierce. 

Their most recent release, “Unsere große Freiheit,” combines several musical genres with Poprock and Reggae elements.

The message is the same whether spoken in English or German: love, freedom, peace, self-realization, preservation of the oceans, and enjoyment of life!

Matthias Steinhagen, an exceptional violinist, includes two instrumental tracks on the CD that are exciting in a quick and expressive Folk and Jazz style.

The two English tracks, “Flight Level 290” and “Snowing,” which he co-wrote with Jorge Texidor, are both in a calming Rock style and feature excellent violin solos.

The following six German songs deal with your inner sense, your path, Steinhagen’s approach to the music, or how to make the world a better place. Some of these songs are full of Party force, such as “Piraten der Herzen” or “Weite Ozeane,” among others.

9) COOPER CASTELLE – You Were The One

Cooper Castelle is an indie rock singer and songwriter from Seattle who makes music that wears his emotions on his sleeve. Cooper’s cheerful compositions and catchy melodies may draw inspiration from Arctic Monkeys and The Kinks, but his lyrics frequently deal with the yearning for freedom or barely hanging on. 

The recently announced EP “Welcome To My World,” scheduled for release on August 5, is a sonic journey through Cooper Castelle’s open-book musical consciousness. Filled with clever lyrics, catchy hooks, and the distinct feeling you are listening to and connecting with a natural person.

Created during a time of isolation, it invokes feelings like anxiety and loneliness that many people now may relate to. These songs were composed with a pop attitude, yet they sound like rock n’ roll. They are upbeat, with catchy hooks and unexpected twists and turns.

Cooper’s debut track, “Come Undone,” influenced by the classic 1960s garage rock movement and features elements of contemporary indie rock and punk, is the ideal illustration of his musical background.


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