Top 10 Tracks #11

Music has the power to bring people together like nothing else. 1111CR3W features new artists weekly on their curated websites, featuring 10 of their favourite tracks. We handpick these artists based on the sounds and styles we know and love.

Who stands out this time? Let’s find out.

1) MONNIE – Do you love me?

I’ll Be Here When You Wake Up, a new album by up-and-coming Midwesterner Monnie, was released on July 1. It contains six beautifully produced indie-pop songs that blend modern bedroom pop sensibilities with vintage 80s sounds and luscious, upfront vocals.

She began singing classes and playing the guitar and piano due to her early interest in music. Later, she started writing her songs. Monnie, now 25 years old, has settled on a brand-new sound that mixes her love of female-driven pop music from her youth with a preference for alternative and indie rock.

I’ll Be Here When You Wake Up was recorded by engineer Joey Lemon. While engineer James Gordon mixed the album, Siegman and colleague William Erickson co-produced the project at home. 

The record mixes rhythmic electronic piano, sultry synth melodies, and modestly designed drum machines, drawing inspiration from HAIM, Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift, and more.

2) FAAE – Summer Song

Faae is a well-known indie-folk singer and songwriter from Orlando who has a talent for creating gut-punching songs full of synaesthesia and nostalgia. Faae, born in Boston in 1999, has been quietly making songs since she was six years old. 

Faae intends to continue writing songs with deep metaphors and exquisite poetry, a style made famous by some of her favourite poets and singers.

The first EP of Orlando-based indie folk group Faae, titled “Rudolph,” including three songs, debuted on July 2; the songs are about derealization, identity, and the global warming issue.

The personal insight she got last summer while travelling across the nation and seeing how much had changed from what she had always seen and known about life, she felt, needed to be recorded.

She wrote the songs to respond to the gloom she felt as she observed inaction remain the go-to response to this worldwide issue. Although these are reflective songs, the emphasis is on the paralysis of striving so passionately for change while factors outside of you continue to rise.

3) GEEZ LOUISE – Bomb Shelter

Sierra Torres on lead vocals, Nick Jude on lead guitar, Tyelen Gibbs on drums, and Eli Slaughter on bass make up the Nashville-based band Geez Louise.

The project began in 2019 by Sierra Torres and Nick Jude, and it was finished in Nashville, Tennessee, by Tyelen Gibbs and Eli Slaughter.

DIIV, Alvvays, Lucy Dacus, Claud, Momma, Slow Pulp, Wilco, and Stella Donnelly are the band’s primary inspirations.

The debut EP by Geez Louise, “Candy Bruise,” is proof that the group can draw influences from various musical genres without losing their style.

You’ll notice a recurring pattern in this EP where happy or optimistic sounds blend with angry and/or depressing lyrics.

This group wants to remind you that few things are as black and white as we may anticipate. Life is full of conflicting feelings.

4) RIVER LANE – Strength In Me

Enjoy the sweet, sultry music of Adelaide singer-songwriter and boardsports enthusiast River Lane while you work through your existential crisis. 

River, renowned for her irrational curiosity, is constantly experimenting with new tools and technology to aid in her exploration of the depths of herself and the aquatic world she is constructing.

Her’s music has been featured at Uber Fest in Melbourne, broadcast nationally on Triple J and Double J, and recognized by the SCALA board as the Festival of Original Music competition’s recorded music category winner.

She wanted to have a romance with someone but never had the chance, so she wrote this song instead. River started as a singer-songwriter and added ambient guitar effects afterwards.

5) JESSE GROSSI – Day By Day

Jesse Grossi, a California musician, singer, and songwriter, captures the listener’s attention with his relaxed demeanour and rich vocals by bringing classic sounds into the twenty-first century.

 The Los Angeles wonder-kid, who has a new single out, expresses his innate talent and will to succeed.

Day by Day is a pleasant indie/rock tune featuring substantial rhythm sections and an electric guitar propelled by the song’s melody.

 It is a very intimate song about coping with the realities of growing up, addiction issues, and the results of our decisions.

6) ALORA FARENWEH – Acid Atlantis

Young Canadian singer-songwriter Alora Farenweh makes art and dreamy pop about the made-up universe known as “The Hollow.” 

Through its words and soundscapes, her music invites listeners into a vivid world filled with bizarre animals, monsters, and mysteries.

Alora constantly shares new areas and discoveries with her online fan network, acting as both an explorer and a guide. 

She made her public debut in January 2021 with the track “Riding a Tiger.” Since then, Alora has amassed a sizable online following of followers who relate to her world and the corresponding aesthetic.

Recently, she unveiled a brand-new song titled Acid Atlantis, which takes listeners on an underwater voyage through the bowels of an odd metropolis teeming with exotic animals. 

She strongly underlined to the producer how she wanted the song to sound like an underwater video game while still being dreamy and fantastical.

7) WOTTS – 6 Shooter

Wotts is an indie pop duo from Ottawa, Canada, consisting of guitarist and bassist Ricky 100 and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem.

Wotts have performed on the stages of events, including Canadian Music Week, Junofest, and RBC Bluesfest. Numerous publications have praised their work.

The Canadian indie pop duo has released a song titled “6 Shooter“, featuring The Desert Island Big Band, a solo indie rock act whose reach extends into the pop and alternative worlds. The ensemble worked together on this song.

The result is a piece of retro-infused, dusty music influenced by The Killers and The War On Drugs.

In the song, Wotts uses rock, alternative, and indie pop elements.

8) LORD SKO – Jumpshot

Rapper and producer Lord Sko is from Washington Heights in New York City. Since he was approximately 13 or 14, he has been creating lyrics. 

Nearly two years ago, he posted a project, which Arlo noticed and contacted him. Since then, they have collaborated closely, and he frequently contributes to co-productions.

He draws inspiration from many different sources. The primary source of inspiration was New York and his upbringing there. Numerous rappers, including Nas, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, Big L, Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, and Lupe Fiasco, have impacted him.

His most recent track, Jumpshot, a sampling of the upcoming Museum album, fuses gangster rap with a vintage aesthetic.

9) MOTE – Industrial Love

The diverse and edgy electronica-flavoured post-pop of American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mote is reminiscent of his chosen city of Berlin. Deep contemplative lyrics meet seductively melancholic melodies overflowing synthetic soundscapes throughout all of their material. 

Mote, a self-described introvert with a passion for people, draws inspiration from iconic pop oddballs like Bjork and the Cocteau Twins and constantly searches for himself.

During his first year in Berlin, Mote wasted no time and jumped into composing and teaming up with others. He is well known for his work with Berlin producer Lahos, who produced the 2020 song “End this Ride.”

Mote strives every Day to improve as a musician and person by living by the motto “be bold and trust the process.” He will be a vital artist to watch out for in the future. His most recent song, Industrial Love, combines anthemic pop rock with indie pop.  

10) MARIA WEISSMAN – Kill A Ghost

Have you ever questioned why you are responsible for someone else’s horrible actions? They eventually pass away, leaving you to face the aftermath and feel haunted. Maria Weissman, a singer, and composer; explains in her debut track “Kill a Ghost.”

Dominic “D. Roch” Martinez on electric bass and acoustic guitar, together with Kevin Brown on drums, provide the track’s musical accompaniment. Weissman wrote, recorded, and produced it in Los Angeles. Joe Endozo mixed the substance.

“Kill a Ghost” is the first single from Bad, a 6-song EP made exclusively on Bandcamp on August 8. It combines mainstream rock with vintage music.

The music video was filmed at LA Desert Ranch near Lake Los Angeles, California. It was edited and directed by Weissman.


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