Radar #8

Here you go!

Finding new music is crucial for music lovers. This is where our radar session comes in. The Radar is a fantastic resource for staying current on news and music releases. By subscribing to our website, you may be the first to learn about new albums, musicians, and songs.

Take a look at the artists in the spotlight this time.


A singer-songwriter from Vale, North Carolina, Jennifer Alvarado just published a second album titled “Songbird” after releasing her debut country EP titled “Playing with Fire” in April 2021.

Her music has a country sensibility with a pop undercurrent, and the listener will be satisfied by the flawless merging of her soft voice and passionate tenderness. Jennifer’s music is a fusion of blues, pop, and country that reflects various inspirations.

The first two-part series, Songbird: Part One, explores the struggle of tolerating and recovering from a toxic environment. The EP includes Alvarado’s most recent single, “Rock This Way,” released in June, and her smash track, “Curious.”

The music produced by Ricky Rodriguez of Bombhouse Recordings in Morganton, North Carolina, reflects Alvarado’s development as a writer and sounds very different from her earlier works.

“For me, this project was about healing and finally finding my unique sound and approach to creating music,” said Alvarado.

RICH JACQUES – Montecito

Rich Jacques, a singer-songwriter and Grammy Award-winning producer, has released an EP. At its core is a sense of life-affirming thankfulness, a wave of sound love and appreciation flowing into the universe. This kind of music is what we all need right now.

“Everything Must Change,” a new EP by Rich Jacques, is released. A wave of sound love and appreciation that radiates out from the music and into the world is at the song’s core, characterized by a sense of life-affirming thankfulness. This kind of music is what we all need right now.

Politics, environmental issues, and health-related anxieties frequently cast a shadow over the planet, but songs like “Montecito” offer an oasis of peace, joy, and beauty.

If the tone is nicely created by “Montecito,” the title track emphasizes the understatement and restraint from which he makes his sensitive and delicate music. Thus, it continues…

The message here is evident as you journey through the music. Change is the only constant. With time to reflect during the isolation and quiet of Lockdown, Rich Jacques began to question how he was living his life and realized that many of the fundamental choices he was making were based on old habits. 

NASMORE – When Will I Learn

Like many musicians, nasmore, who is from Canada, grew up surrounded by musical instruments, immersed in the music of all genres as a listener, and taught himself the essentials of songwriting and playing.

He produced several magnificent singles in 2021. As he proceeded to develop, shape, and polish his skill, Nasmore made an even more crucial choice for the course of his music career by enlisting guest performers. 

Nasmore then started a collaborative process that quickly cemented the tremendous delight he had discovered in the world of creativity.

Some songs move you to join a mob of thousands of people holding out their lighters and singing along in excitement, while others make you skip forward, cry, or both. I’m hoping this is one of them.

On July 22, 2022, the song “When Will I Learn” was released. For him, this song is a return to his roots. It was created in collaboration with Cris Hodges and Neil Taylor, a former member of Robbie Williams’ band, “Tears for Fears”, and a frequent collaborator with artists like Tina Turner, Metallica, and Natalie Imbruglia.


From Giudi’s upcoming album Chemical Wedding, the new track TASTE! is a manifesto for all Giudi admirers. Giudi was inspired by online conversations with fans; they asked her to convert some of their chats into songs.

The album title, which is included in the song, alludes to how dualities and opposites operate in life. For example, the sun and moon, fire and water, and other contrasts are based on old alchemy’s “Chemical Wedding” theory.

Working with some of the hottest names in fashion and multimedia throughout the world, Giudi is a creative who combines music with fashion and art. Giudi, a proponent of female empowerment, diversity, and equality in society, has always included subjects like spirituality, social activism, mental health, and lesbian feminism in her music videos and songs.

She has toured Europe with her all-female band, playing headlining gigs in the UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, and Poland, in addition to Eurosonic in the Netherlands, Waves in Austria, and Heart in Sweden. She has also made several TV appearances in Europe.


Introducing Eruption Artistique’s brand-new video! Pure and unadulterated garage RNR, including fantastic female vocal and electronic music.

Eruption Artistique is a Dutch indie rock & roll collective made up of actors, musicians, filmmakers, and photographers.

Eruption Artistique, a nonconformist creative organization, attempts to enlighten everyone with authentic Indie Rock’ n’ Roll and absurdist clips in these perplexing times when culture and artistic efforts are struggling.

The next EP, ICON, which will be published this summer’s end, features the lead track HI HA. It was recorded at Rotterdam’s Studio Charlatan as well as the individual studios of the band members in Rotterdam, Breda, and Enschede.

PR6TTY E – Broken Spell

An up-and-coming recording artist, PR6TTY E began his career in the SoundCloud rap scene four years ago before pursuing a more challenging musical project that combined pop-rock vocals with electronic/techno sounds.

His inspirations are diverse, ranging from rock artists like Oasis, Metallica, Motorhead, and The Rolling Stones to electronic acts like Crystal Castles and The Prodigy, rap acts like Travis Scott and Lil Peep, and much more.

He just released a song called Broken Spell, composed of a techno and club music-influenced electronic beat and vocal fusions with rock, pop, and trap components.

He read poems by Charles Baudelaire and Fernando Pessoa while creating the song. Through metaphors, there is a significant quantity of graphical information in the lyrics and a sense of universal poetry.

The song, first composed as a poem, tells the tale of a relationship slowly dying. The video for Broken Spell, which featured Louise Lebrun and was co-directed by PR6TTY E and Maximus, was mixed and mastered by diangojr.

RAULY – Rewrite

On July 22, up-and-coming pop musician Rauly released “Rewrite,” his newest song, his sixth single of 2022. The Grammy-nominated producer Charlie Heat helped the California native make his music debut.

Following the release of his debut single, he followed it up with the months-separated singles “This Is Love,” “Thinkin Bout It,” and “Obvious.” Since then, he has amassed over 14k monthly listeners and over 100k plays on Spotify. 

As he encourages more supporters to join in on what he is continuing to develop, Rauly intends to continually provide his audience with fresh music.

He has performed several this year times in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Rauly intends to end 2022 on a high note with further performances and upcoming singles.


Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Gabriel takes a fun, upbeat approach to his music, which is full of flirty lyrics and infectious tunes. 

On his EP “Ride,” the west coast vibes are evident. Gabriel describes his music as “straightforward pop,” and he strives to create happy, stimulating songs for listeners. 

He just released a song about the highs and lows of dating after a breakup; this is a cheerful, upbeat tune.

The song “1 2 Meny” explores the highs and lows of dating following a breakup. Everybody appears to miss the mark when we try to see our ex in others. “1 2 Meny” takes listeners on a pleasant, nostalgic journey while riding on an upbeat beat and an intimate vocal yearning for a past love.


KellyMarie is a talented singer-songwriter from Texas who draws inspiration from artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Jaffe, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beach Boys. 

Her music is simply because of her light vocals and breezy tunes.

Based on a memorable moment from “The Office” episode “Beach Games,” this piece is written from Pam’s perspective as she musters the courage to break off her engagement to Jim in front of everyone.

With its beautiful vocals, electronic chords, and shoo-wops, “Beach Day” is a genuinely emotional love ballad with a contemporary twist. 

EGO.0FF – Nothing to prove

The recording artists Ego.0ff from Washington, DC, and MVO Rell from Maryland collaborated on a new album called The Apprentice.

According to MVO Rell, the project’s goal was to somehow pay tribute to Ego.0ff, a good friend and brother.

His fourth studio album and their first comprehensive joint effort are MVO Rell, a rapper from Maryland. The album’s standout songs include “Wu22,” “Make Sense,” “LPP,” and “Top of the Mountain.” 

They desire a diverse project that incorporates many hip-hop subgenres. They want the project to be heard by as many people as possible; thus, they hope you like it.

The song “Make Sense,” an original alternative hip-hop composition, and other songs with a festive modern twist on a vintage atmosphere, are examples of the album’s various tonality.


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