The 5 Greatest Tracks

There is so much great music out there that it’s hard to keep up. 

And while this is all a very positive development, it has led to a lot of good music going unheard by the masses. 

Based on that, we designed a fresh session each week to feature the top tunes.

Here are the 5 Greatest Tracks you’ll hear this week:

LOVE GHOST – “Pulp” 

These Los Angeles-based gentlemen have been making waves in the indie community since their inception. 

The band, which takes inspiration from acts like The Smashing Pumpkins and My Chemical Romance, among others, blends references to ethereal grunge and lo-fi bedroom hip-hop with emo moods, trap beats, and guitar-driven alternative rock.

Their recent release, “Pulp”, was named Track of the Day by our editorial line, the new song is about a drug addict’s relationship with God. The book by Charles Bukowski served as inspiration, a reminder that everyone struggles to achieve inner tranquility.

The track was well received. “Pulp” is the first taste after “Big Dog” also released in 2022, it’s an alternative rock, atmospheric emo pop song that is sure to draw a crowd.

DOLL RIOT – “300 Years” 

Doll Riot is an all-female American grunge band who are making waves in the global music scene. Four high school students from North County, San Diego, formed an all-girl garage band in 2020. Doll Riot initially tried to develop their music by covering a variety of songs by prominent and idolized rock and punk musicians.

More determined than ever, the group started playing shows regularly throughout San Diego county and it wasn’t long before the four girl bosses began the making of their wildly untamed original music.

Their songs are intense, catchy, and feature gorgeous visuals that show the girls performing in various locations and costumes that fit the songs perfectly.

Your inner punk rock slays mode will undoubtedly be awakened by Doll Riot music, which was inspired by recognized bands (Destroy Boys, No Doubt, L7, Hole) and real-life adolescent problems (breakups, nasty ex-girlfriends, stereotyped tendencies). 

“300 Years” is the first track of their EP, “Doll Riot”, and features a vocalist who is equally as impressive as the instrumentals. 

PARIZ – “Bad Idea” (ft. Jaime Deraz) 

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Pariz, a 22-year-old electro-pop music producer from the US, who released a slap house cover/remix of Ariana Grande’s song “Bad Idea”, earlier last month. 

He is a rising star in the music industry, continually pushing the limits of experimentation and fusing many styles while maintaining his distinctive characteristics.

His music is unique and has a sound that is hard to define but is always interesting. “Bad Idea” sees Pariz join forces with Long Island-based singer Jaime Deraz in a song that is about as fun as it gets. 

The song’s hard-hitting bass, smooth chords, and captivating vocals provide the ideal mood for getting up and dancing in your room or for getting in your car and driving while oblivious to everything else.

Keeping the original song’s lively spirit while adding a fresh vibe and energy that will undoubtedly get you in the mood to go out with friends or to remain in and host your own dance party in your room.


Izzy The Gent, a veteran of the Bay Area music scene, has come a long way from performing in his Monterey middle school talent show covering Nirvana’s “Rape Me” in a PG version as “Scrape Me” to East Oakland producer of alternative new wave post-punk.

Everything But The Everything, his latest project, has evolved from a solo endeavor to a group effort, a fresh partnership with producer and singer-songwriter Adam Brookes from San Francisco. Before going solo, Adam was a member of the San Francisco band Dangermaker. 

Rex Shelverton, a studio producer well-known for his work with Bella Vista and Vue, who lends the project its distinctive sound, recorded and mixed all of the music.

When Israel showed him Open Your Mind, it was 90% finished. However, he changed a few things and added the throbbing 80s synthesizers that make the song truly stand out.

Although the songs are quite straightforward, they have two very distinct moods. We Want More has a minimalistic mood, where less is more. That feeling was strengthened as the drums grabbed control of the song.

THE ESPRITS – “Sweaty” 

The Esprits are an indie pop/rock band from the Braunschweig who released their recent music video for the song called Sweaty, their own description of their English-language music describes it as a modern take on beat music.

The German duo Roman and Andre, is back on the scene during the warmest time of the year, “Sweaty” has a loose, hazy sound that makes us sweat quite coolly and shows that the band is unique and talented. 

In collaboration with German producer Franz Plasa, who has previously worked with artists like Falco and Depeche Mode, “Sweaty” is a song that any fan of indie pop-rock music would love and it was created and recorded at H.O.M.E Studios in Hamburg, Germany.

From their initial sold-out performances to their last summer concert season in 2019, which included festivals and support appearances for acts like Revolverheld, they have come a long way.

See you pretty soon.

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